Sound OFF: Release of Water from Cedar Bluff; Good or Bad idea?

We are in a drought. Water is precious.

The Kansas Water Office says it will begin releasing water Monday from Cedar Bluff Reservoir to help recharge Hays water wells.

Is this a good idea?drought

Is it fair? Use the comments section below to tell us what you think?

  • David Jensen

    Where will we go for water after we deplete Cedar Bluff. Lived here since 1969 and all that has been done is throw money at studies and infuriate our neighbors. We are the bullies of western Kansas. Russell: drain your own lake before you go two counties west to drain one.

  • Countryboy

    David, Russell don’t want the water they have rights to it and have not asked for a release Hays is the one wanting the release of water. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.

    • Did

      Did it ever occur to you that Russell may be waiting in the background until Hays begins its release and then call for theirs? Makes sense that they would call for their water once they know the riverbed is halfway saturated and they actually have a chance of the water getting to their well fields.

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  • D

    Terrible idea!

  • http://com huh

    Guess they should have not sold the water rights if every time someone calls for water everyone throws their arms up in the air. People need to remember what this lake was built for in the first place. The only time Russell and Hays call for water is during a time of extended drought, so obviously the lake is going to be in bad shape also. Maybe we can point the blame father west to all of the farmers out west who have sucked the water table dry in turn killing all inflow to the lake.

  • Dixie Odum

    My question is… they know for a fact the water will even reach the well fields? I think it is about 31 miles from Cedar Bluff to the well fields. If they release it and it does not make it that far then it would just be a waste of water from a lake that is already low enough I am concerned there will not be a boat ramp open to launch boats next summer. If that scenario were to happen it seems it would cause a huge loss of revenue to the Kansas Wildlife and Parks Department because campers and boaters would be forced to relocate to other area lakes that still have accessible boat ramps. Not to mention a loss of revenue to the two businesses at the lake, Sport Haven and Loaves and Fishes Marinas. If they are 100% sure the water will reach the well fields that is one thing because Hays does have a right to it, but if it just goes to waste, that is NOT OK. Best case scenario…..we have a wet spring and summer!

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  • passin threw

    quit whining and take up golf

  • Monty

    I do see a great opportunity for all of us to conserve water and if efforts are going to be spent draining the lake, efforts should be equally spent on conservation awareness and enforcement as well. In fact , being pro active to conserve and recycling water should be our priority. Hard to graph the water wasted in our homes and businesses. We moved here to help our community prosper and draining the lake is not conducive to prospering the community nor the state of Kansas. It is easy to point fingers at why the resevoir exists. It was originally requested to be built to provide for thousands of acres of farmland in 1912. It was revived in 1933,1939,and 1941. In 1947 disastrous floods occurred in the midwest and the federal government after public demand, approved construction of Cedar Bluff resevoir. Even before the irrigation canals were complete, the lake was stocked with 130,000 adult fish and immediately became a recreational spot for Kansas residents as well as a duck and geese hunting haven. It may sound silly but nowhere was it intended as a way to enable cities to continue wasteful practices water. We all are going to see water in the future as an important resource and one we are short of now. I am not submitting this as a debate stance, it is a reminder that even though our business depends on the water in the lake, all of our families depend on the water in our state so let’s be pro active and preserve.