Two Hays Men Could Not Outrun Police

Two Hays men have been arrested in connection with a string of criminal damage reports. Police were called by an eyewitness. He had observed individuals knocking side mirrors off as many as 6 vehicles parked in and adjacent to the 400 block of west 4th Street and near Walnut Street. Hays Police Lt. Brandon Wright told Hays Post that when officers arrived, the suspects, 20-year old Christopher Walden and 21-year old Jay Ostmeyer tried to run. They did not run fast enough
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  • :-)

    They did not run fast enough lol

    • a

      haha made me laugh too!

  • How news should be

    lol. Nice dose of humor

  • Really?

    They need a new news reporter. Or writer at least.

  • Rodney

    A bullet is always faster.

  • donuts

    Suspects look like donuts.