Commission Supports Apartment Project

Stonepost ApartmentsA request for support of tax credits and consideration of allowing a Rural Housing Incentive District for construction of an apartment complex on East 22nd Street was approved by the Hays City Commission Thursday night, but not unanimously.

Overland Property Group wants to use the tax incentives to construct income restricted housing. It is the same development company that built the Stone Post complex on South Main. Commissioner Kent Steward disagrees with the use of tax dollars for the project and voted against the motion.

Commissioner Ron Mellick supports the project due to the need for housing. Commissioner Eber Phelps also voted in favor of the motion, which passed 2-1.

With the approval, Overland Property Group will submit an application to the state and expects an answer in May.

  • wow

    What a joke, the city will help an out of town investment company again but when we; the local investors try to get help from the city they tell us there is nothing they can do and drag out the answers over months and in some cases even years.

  • …………….

    I didn’t mind these apartments being build down around the FHSU area but to put them next to the hospital is a mistake. They look pretty know but wait about ten years and they will look like the apartment complex out by interstate.