County Jail Inmate Suicide Attempt

Dispatchers at the Ellis County Law Enforcement Center requested assistance on the jail floor Thursday evening. The resulting communication seemed to indicate an inmate was sick. Sheriff Ed Harbin told Hays Post that “an inmate had attempted to hang himself.”  The incident was handled appropriately by deputies and Harbin said they were waiting for a professional from High Plains Mental Health to come screen the inmate.  “It’s unfortunate but it happens.” Harbin said. Sheriff Harbin Badge

  • hays-ite

    Hopefully it was the 44 y/o that held his girlfriend and her daughter at gunpoint in November.

    • hays-ite


      If it was him, they should have let him succeed.

      • concerned citizen

        Definitely, one less free loader we taxpayers have to support.

    • Your son.

      This is why no one likes you. This is why I don’t speak to you any more Pam.

      • ellis-ite

        Sorry to disappoint you, BOB, but this is the name I use.

    • tonia harvey

      you dont know what happened that night and it wasnt him so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ellis-ite

    Boo effing hoo.

  • anon

    The sheriff’s department probably didn’t provide him with his medication (meth) and will be soon facing a lawsuit filed by his family.

    • Haysian

      Do you actually know what happened or just making an educated guess?

    • please

      Its so sad how people judge before we know the person! Im so sure ur not a saint and have some issue in your life.

  • No kidding

    Just because he’s in jail doesn’t mean he’s a bad person. And all of you are wishing and hoping that he’d died and assuming he’s a meth head? I don’t understand some people.

  • tonia harvey

    Pam you really need to stop and hes doing just fine!!!!!!

    • ellis-ite

      Tonia, I didn’t post those remarks. Do you REALLY wish for my 6 y/o to have to go through that???????????

      • please

        no i sure hope not cause he loves his sons and my daughter.He made a bad choice that night and hes doing his time and when he gets out he wants his boys in his life

        • ellis-ite

          Really, is he gonna get a REAL job and help support them then?????

  • miss shard

    Yaye ! I love meth!!!

    • please

      are you stupid really get a life

  • MethisBest

    Who was it. We want to know. Pam, Bob, Tonia do you know who this person was. Share it with us!

    • please

      do u not have a freakn life well get 1