Breaking: Injured Deer on Highway West of Hays

An injured deer on old highway 40 just  west of Yocemento this morning caught the eye of a Union Pacific Railroad worker. He reported the injured animal to Ellis County law enforcement. They sent someone to the scene.

7 A.M. update:  Ellis County law enforcement officers arrived at the scene of the injured deer. The animal had recovered enough to run off the highway and away from the officer.



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19 Comments for “Breaking: Injured Deer on Highway West of Hays”

  1. hahaha running out of stuff to post

    • This does seem pretty wierd to post on Hays Post, but it actually was good for me, as I read this article before leaving for Hays from Ellis this morning, and was aware of this deer and was able to slow down in the area it was to be at.

  2. Fantastic story, in other news, uninjured house cat running across Hall St. this morning. Crews will be on the scene shortly to make sure no one gets injured. Check back soon for updates.

  3. Breaking News : Dog dodo on street in the 100 blk of E 13th, all traffic might what to avoid.

  4. that’s really sweet and all, but it’s not news.

  5. Admin, keep up the good work. That was a community service for people who travel that road everyday. Thanks

    • Seriously? I’d rather know that there was a herd of uninjured deer in the area. However, on that stretch of Old 40, there are hundreds of deer DAILY, so for me to provide that information to residents is worthless. Let me give you a lifetime community service in one post.

      Breaking: There are hundreds of deer between Hays and Ellis on Old Highway 40 between the hours of 12AM and 11:59PM. Please use caution when traveling this stretch of road during these times.

  6. The posting of non-news is getting ridiculous on this site and has got to be embarrassing for those who post legitimate news stories.

  7. between the gossipy comments sections, the thrown together slop job news stories riddled with inaccuracies, and incredibly lame filler, this site is really earning a reputation as hardly credible. yes, i still refer to it, but that’s on the rare chance there might be something worthwhile. i appreciate it for its breaking news. quicker than hays daily. but much less “newsier”

  8. “In other news, a fly was killed on main street by a man driving a UPS truck. Authorities have the driver in custody and is being held in Ellis County Jail charged with bug murdering. Bond is in lieu of $999,999.00.”

  9. All of you that consistently get on this site and make fun of or B!t@h about what they post. QUIT coming on to this site. Nobody is forcing you to read the post on this article.

  10. Did he escape custody like all the other inmates around here?

  11. Was there alcohol involved?

  12. Several years ago I was in a vehicle that did not see an injured deer on a highway. It was night and we were on a curve. The vehicle I was in ran over the large animal and it did substantial damage to the car, leaving us stranded on the side of the road in the country for a very long time.
    If this wasn’t posted and later people learned of someone seeing it or that law enforcement had been notified, there would be comments from people being upset.
    Read the article. If it doesn’t apply to you, move on with your day.

  13. Maybe they need to put a deer crossing up there so he doesn’t get injured again!

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