Renegade Saturday Night – The Red Headed Stranger

Renegade Satuday Night    you tube image

 Series Episode #1   Willie Nelson

Part 1 – Willie Nelson Live in 1974

Part 2 - Willie Nelson – Red Headed Stranger


Part 1 is the bulk of a show from 1974.  Willie is on his game and so is the band.  Good camera work and great sound.  Do enjoy!


Part 2 - Willie Nelson – Red Headed Stranger

Side 1 of Willie’s Iconic 1975 Album ‘Red Headed Stranger’
A tale of a renegade on the run after killing his wife & her lover.

In regards to the Outlaw Country Movement, it stands as one of the most influential albums of all time.  An artist, given complete control by his record label (then Columbia) to make his music his way.  The result, in my opinion, is some of Willie’s finest work.  If you’d like to hear side 2, please buy the album.  I’m only making these songs available so you know it’s out there.  It deserves to be heard.

Short Movie Trailer – Red Headed Stranger


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