Three Arrests Made Following Armed Robbery Wednesday

armed_robberyThree men have been arrested in connection with an armed robbery in Hays late Wednesday night.

According to news release from Police Chief Don Scheibler, two armed men entered a house in the 2000 block of Walnut Street and robbed the occupants at gunpoint just before midnight.

Following an investigation  Thursday, search warrants were served with the assistance of the Special Situation Response Team.

The handgun used in the robbery was recovered and three arrests were made.

The suspects– Bobby Wilson, 22, David Draper, 26, and Clayton Staab, 26, all of Hays, are being held in the Ellis County Jail on charges of Aggravated Robbery and Aggravated Burglary.

One of the men arrested was in the house with five other people.

The suspects took a small amount of cash and drug-related items.

  • Chris


  • Dougie

    DJ Draper is well known for being nothing but a criminal! Lock him up forever before he kills someone!

    • chase

      lol excuse my input but i believe you need to do your homework a little deeper when it comes to saying any such thing about this man.

      • Dougie

        Chase-Looks like my homework has been done! See articles posted below. Like I said before a criminal that needs put away before he kills someone.

        • chase

          move to the country then, obviously you cant handle things that happen in cities, and on top of that dougie you talking down any person like that makes you just as bad as them in my eyes, your just as low as a person, god made us, never judge someone by a couple bad choices they made! Also you havent done your homework, that rape charge was dropped on him because the girl involved LIED, that was proven, so like i said do your homework better then say something!

          • Dougie

            You are dumb!

  • Dougie
  • Dougie
  • new2hays

    These 3 criminals need to realize who lucky they are the residents of this home weren’t armed. Had this been the case, Hays PD might be cleaning up a triple shooting.

  • Me

    If you don’t want folks to stereotype you, don’t act like you live in the Hood!

  • John Johnson

    Clayton Staab!!!!

  • Come play at my house!

    Too bad these 3 criminals didn’t try to rob my house, as they would all be arranging to meet their maker. I have several friendly firearms waiting on this day!!

  • Hmm?

    Isn’t DJ getting ready to have a kid?!?!? What a winner and a even better role model…another child that will be father less and in the prison system. What a douche bag!

    • John

      This is what happens when you do plant food. Drug addicts get desperate

  • hmmm 2

    Come play at my sound disappointed that it wasn’t your house. you sound eager to kill someone..

  • john

    how yall disrespectful ppl gon talk about lock him up forever GET HIM HELP maybe but yall are crazy. lmao move to the country if your that scared because HPD blows things up so go ahead and believe that there mass murderers running around hays haha

    • chase

      haha, right, look what happens in a city, if yall that scared move to a little country, seriously yall people are making such a big deal out of something so little that happens in bigger cities, seriously get over yourselves, ya they made bad choices but to talk down on anyone like that makes you just as bad if you think about it people, stop disrespecting people regardless what they did and grow up!

      • Ceebreezy

        Are you the Chase that got your safe jacked?

        • chase

          no that wouldnt be me

    • Informed Citizen

      Lol Really. Armed robbery, no one is blowing this up. This is what it is. Maybe they were just dumb and not murderers but they still broke the law, and a big one at that. Lock them up maybe they will learn to live within the law and not outside of it.

  • ..

    Agreed john!!

  • John

    I’m wondering what the motive was in this, and John.,. Sure they may need help but u can’t help people that don’t want help. Being a drug addict is one thing and then robbing innocent people is another.

    • chase

      who ever said he was a drug addict, do you know him personally or are you going off of what you hear??

  • John

    He said he needs help, what’s that insinuating? Needs help to stop robbing and raping people?

    • chase

      dig deeper, that rape charge was dropped because the girl involved LIED, that was proven, so cancel that out of your arguement!!

  • Joe Bob

    Breaking the law is not a gray area. Either you did or didn’t, and robbery, rape, battery,etc is all breaking the law, as this is what Mr. D has been arrested for over the past 4 yrs apparently. I’m no rocket scientist or understand half of the late responses here within, but it looks and sounds as if it’s a bit late for excuses for these individuals that thought robbing someone at gunpoint wasn’t a serious matter. They are lucky the individuals they attempted this idiodic move on weren’t like 95% of the rest of the people in this area, because then the excuses wouldn’t have mattered, as they’d be packed in 6 ft. deep.

  • Yep.

    Draper needs lynched. Damn nigs polluting Ellis Country.

  • Becky

    Ok so really everyone? I dont think anyone is thinkin at all before they post anything. Yes these 3 men did a very bad thing horrible actually. But I think people need to stop and think before they post on here being so disrespectful! Obviously these 3 are not reading this BUT their families are. I didn’t hide my name or go by a fake one i am a sister to bobby Wilson, i am horribly disappointed in the choice he made! I also have a 12 year old daughter that i have to explain this too, which alone is hard but when people post this kind of stuff its just horrible actually. So all Im asking is think before you post these 3 do have family and loved ones! Thank you Becky

    • aubrey

      amen becky, i am the mother of dj drapers child on the way and you people are very disrespectful, and dont ever put my child in this conversation, you know nothing, yes it was a pour decision but my child will be a wonderful lil boy and man when he grows up, his father made a mistake but he will be a wonderful role model to his son, so before you speak think because you know you wouldnt appreciate people being so low to talk like you people are about your children. DJ is nothing near a harm to anyone, how disrespectful of you people to ever judge him when you dont know him personally!!

      • aubrey


      • Did you just say that???

        Did you just say “DJ is nothing near a harm to anyone…” Really? He was just arrested for armed robbery! He used a gun to rob a house that he had to break in to – and you consider this “nothing near a harm to anyone”???? Get real!

  • hmmm??

    Aubrey get real!! You know that your kids have no responsible father figure in their life except your own father but he should be a grandfather figure. Come on you are raising your children to think that its okay to do these kind of things. I could go on and on but nothing will change you point of view because you are blind to what your children are seeing. You your self needs to grow up get a job, try and live on your own and not mooch off you parents, cuz you know you aren’t getting child support to help out. Come on get real!!!

    • regina

      I dont usually open my mouth to people such as you but my daughter and my grandchildren are nothing as you explain. My daughter babysits and takes care of her kids, and as far as my husband is concerned he is perfectly fine with being a father figure, its not Aubreys or my grandchildrens fault their father isnt in their lives like he should be but he does try. As for you saying my grandchildren see those things your very much wrong, so I would prefer you keep your assumptions to yourself. As far as i see it, you obviously dont like my daughter and thats exactly why you have so much lies to put on here. When it comes to my grandchildren you will not say nothing about them because if you are that concerned or able to speak this way about them on here why dont you come and speak to me about it. Sorry to everyone who has to see this but i will not stand for someone lying about my family. Thank you.

  • Shimori

    I found clayton on facebook can I get a facebook link to bobby Wilson and david draper please

  • Becky


    why would you want links to someones facebook that you dont even kno? Come on get real and quit bein so nosey!

  • Jon

    Chase, He made a mistake? He was part of a group that were arrested for Armed Robbery…someone could have got killed. Don’t make any excuses for this action.
    A mistake is when you back your car into another car, not carry a weapon into somebody’s house and rob them, that is pretty much a thought out action. Sorry but I dont care if it happens in the city or in Victoria…no excuse for this!!!

  • autum

    Why is it that dj is the only one being brought up in this conversation when there were 3 people involved? Such ignorance in this world when it comes to racism. Also what about the other “white” peoples records. People really need to grow up its called we live and learn this situation has nothing to do with race so leave that out of it.

  • autum

    Dont let my comment fool you I am not trying to justify what any of them did. I will be the first to admit they were all wrong. But to talk about people the way moat are talking is just absurd.

  • wow

    What a mess these boys have made of peoples lives.

  • Kelli

    Chase…are you serious? Making a big deal out of something so little? You are truly an idiot. How is walking into someone elses house with a gun something so little? I don’t know all the details of what happened but I’m pretty sure you would probably be talking the same way if it wasn’t someone you knew and they walked into YOUR house pointing a gun at you. You are the one that needs to grow up.

  • http://hayspost Arthur Doyle

    Chase & aubrey are the same person, or at the very least posting from the same computer. The avatar is the same.

    • aubrey

      im sorry arthur doyle, but im not chase, i would put my name like i did before if i had anything to say, no point in making a name up if i put my opinion out there already on my own name, a little off dont you think? So no Chase is not me.

  • aubrey

    what those three did was a very bad decision, im not denying so, never have, i left my comment only because someone said something about the child, say what you all want about them but leave the child out, and like becky said just remember those three have family members that see the way you people are talking, they dont need to see things like that after already being put through something like this.

  • http://hayspost Arthur Doyle

    Not to belabor the point, however I did declare the possibility you were just posting from the same computer. In the past Hays Post has not assigned the same avatar to two different people within the same blog. If I am mistaken my apologies. My post carried no malice. I do recommend that you discontinue to read further posts as it is doubtful they will provide any comfort. Instead I suggest you focus your energies on consoling your loved ones & preparing for the birth of your child. Heed my advice or don’t.

  • me

    No wonder our country is in as bad a shape as it is. No morals, values, and financial integrity. Top that with this PC crap like I read here, we don’t have a chance.
    As for those that wish to use the race card, just as I said in my previous post, if you don’t want stereotyped, stop acting like you are in the hood.
    And becky, pay your rent, stop having kids you cannot afford.

    • http://hayspost Arthur Doyle

      Heh heh heh. I was amused at your interpretation of my civil discourse with a person I’ve never met before. Furthermore I saw no reason to be rude or pile on admonishments to someone who didn’t perpetrate any crime that I am aware of, other than grammatically butchering her posts. Perhaps it was my constructive advice to focus on positive things she can control versus the negative blowback. I believe we share the same sentiment even though I say it with a smile & a whisper & you choose a scowl and a shout. Still, I’ve never been accused of being Politically Correct before. Ha ha. BTW: Joe Bob & new2hays great posts with valid points.

  • autum

    I say racism because everyone wants to point fingers at the black man like there was not 2 others involved. I wouldnt even have said anything if it went for people talking about lynching him. There is bad in every race not just blacks.

  • hmmmmm

    Its not the fact that he is black….he has a CRIMINAL HISTORY!!!!

    No man in my opinion is a good role model for his child if they are in jail!!!

    • aubrey

      leave his child out of it, the child has nothing to do with it, thank u!

      • Get Real

        Get real, Aubrey. Your mom saying you “babysit your kids” since when do you have to baby sit your kids when you are a MOM?? Grow up and get a job and your own house and show your kids what being an adult and mother is. Your kids all have dads who are in and out of jail and statistics are against you for your kids to end up in jail too. They have no stable father figure because they are behind bars all the time or have a warrant for failure to appear. You sure do pick winners to have kids with. Close your legs and open your eyes. Get your life together so maybe your kids have at least a 50% chance of not ending up in jail like their dads.

  • Get Real

    Also, “Chase” is you because the person who runs this website confirmed an Avatar is assigned to each individual IP address. Therefore, you are the same person.