County Discusses Sales Tax Issues

Ellis County courthouseEllis County will pursue an interlocal agreement with the incorporated communities in the county to receive all proceeds from a sales tax to fund building construction and remodeling projects. However, while that is being done, the deadline to file bills with the Kansas Legislature will pass, and therefore, the county will still pursue a dedicated sales tax bill in case an interlocal agreement can’t be reached.

The City of Hays has indicated its willingness to turn over its share of sales tax to the county for the specified projects, but County Administrator Greg Sund says he hasn’t approached the other city councils yet.

The commissioners indicated that they would pull the legislation if an interlocal agreement can be approved. Commissioner Barbara Wasinger voted against going after legislative approval and wants to only pursue the interlocal agreement.

No matter which method the county ultimately uses, the sales tax would still be put to a public vote. The date for that election has not been determined.

  • Interesting

    I hope the local entities (Ellis, Victoria, Shoenchen, Hays)will decide to keep there share of the sales tax they are entitled to under that law. All taxpayers in Ellis County will be paying for something that only benifits a few, so at least some of these communities could get some benifit out of this money! The Jail project might benifit the whole county but a new Fire Station for Company 5 and EMS station isn;t going to help the communities West of Yocemento or East of Toulon.

  • Taxes

    Maybe they can use all the money that the new soccer complex is bringing into Hays to fund these projects.