Kansas Concealed-Carry Apps Set Record in January

conceal carryKansans set a one-month record in January for the number of new concealed-carry handgun permit applications, the Attorney General’s office announced Friday.

A reported 3,167 concealed-carry applications were received this past month at the Attorney General’s Concealed Carry Handgun Unit, which must approve permits.

That number is nearly double the previous state single-month record of 1,651 applications in March 2012.

The Kansas Concealed Carry Program was established in 2006, with the first permits issued in 2007. Currently, 52,317 Kansans have active permits to carry concealed handguns in Kansas, according to a press release.

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    People are finally starting to see that an armed population makes crime go down. Where concealed carry isn’t permitted (Illinois, DC, NYC), citizens are at the mercy of criminals. They don’t care a hoot about laws.