Ellis USD 388 to Vote on $10 Million Bond Issue

Bob Young“It’s a good problem to have,” says USD 388 Superintendent Bob Young.  Ellis is one of the few northwest Kansas communities that is growing, and it’s putting a strain on the school system.

“Enrollment at the grade school is up 15% to 20% the past three years,” he says, “and the ‘new’ high school building is 35 years old.”

A community committee of 30 Ellis residents began looking at the school district’s needs about a year ago.  In December school board members approved putting a $10 million bond issue to the voters.

A special election will be held June 4.

If voters approve the $10 million bond, the money will pay off HVAC improvements made four years ago, and also be used for renovations and new construction. At the top of the list are the sports facilities on the west side of town and a proposed addition to the Ellis High School.  Junior high students would then be moved to the high school, opening up more room at the grade school for the expanding student enrollment.

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  • http://hayspost.com Vote

    I hope the voters in the Ellis School District will come out and support this in May. Some of the facilities are very out of date and its been a very long time since anything major improvements were made.

  • tired of taxes

    If the bulk of the proposed project is about sports facilities, then this needs to be voted down. If educational needs need some attention that’s one thing, but to dump a bunch of money into sports and facilities is absurd. Private money and donations can be collected for upgrading the football stadium and improving sport facilities. School is about education and in the world we are in now, we need to make sure that very dollar counts toward getting the kids the best education possible.

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      Its my understanding that the facilities at the football field are inadequate and a hazard. Plus they are in the flood plain which further complicates the matter. A large portion of these dollars will go to adding a Jr. High wing to the current High School…..allowing for more space for children at the Grade School. Its my understanding that there will be a series of meetings and tours that will be given in the upcomming months. Every voter needs to take advantage of the tours and meetings before deciding on how to vote!

  • Pass this

    The current football field might be fine, but it is the rest that is off concern. The visiting bleachers cement bases are crumbling and at some point will get worse and dangerous. The home bleachers are to a point of dis-repair, which means you are throwing money to things that should be absorbed. The track is on its last limb and won’t be repairable again because of the base surface underneath it. The old gymnasium/wrestling room is a sink hole for money as the plumbing and utilities are beyond repair and a lot of money would need to be put into an old building. The wrestling room is on a 2nd level and has NO escape route in the event of a fire, and the floor is sagging, you can tell with the ceiling in the old main lobby. This isn’t about SPORTS – its about spending money wisely. Plus, great athletic facilities can increase “move-ins” and community expansion. The Junior High Wing addition is all about EDUCATION.

  • Pass this 2

    Let me elaborate on the “move-in” part before somebody gets on and says that is related to sports. For the most part, quality schools include both good academic facilities and sport facilities and this is attractive to people who might be looking to relocate a family. With the cost of housing in Hays, this makes Ellis extremely attractive and those things can BOOST the community and business in small towns. If Ellis wasn’t in close proximity to Hays and if Ellis wasn’t growing, I would say it is something that is questionable – but that isn’t the case.


    vote yes so we dont have outdated facilities in our athletic fields, we dont want to be at the bottom end of stadiums or schools, all you have to do is look at HHS and see where their facilities have become and see thats what not to do. I dont think we will have our coaches go and fund raise for our buildings.