Constitutional Change Would Impact School Funding Lawsuits

Capitol Building - KS 004TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) – Republican legislators are pushing a change in the Kansas Constitution on education funding to end a pending lawsuit.

The measure would add a provision to the constitution declaring that the Legislature has the exclusive power to determine how much money is spent on schools.

The Senate Education Committee agreed Wednesday to sponsor the measure before it was drafted.

Senate Vice President Jeff King, a Republican from Independence, helped draft it and provided a copy of the language to The Associated Press before its formal introduction Thursday.

A three-judge panel in Shawnee County recently ordered the state to increase education funding.

Constitutional amendments require approval by two-thirds of the House and Senate and by a simple majority of voters. Supporters hope the measure goes on the ballot in August 2014.

  • bluekansas

    great letter to the editor from a republican lawyer from hays on this topic. a must read.

    Back to basics

    It is clear Gov. Sam Brownback, a licensed attorney in the state of Kansas, does not understand the doctrine of separation of powers.

    I would suggest he read the Supreme Court’s landmark 1803 decision of Marbury v. Madison, a decision that established the doctrine of judicial review by our court system of legislative acts. That judgment was written by Chief Justice Marshall, and it also would be helpful if Brownback would read the decision written by Chief Justice Roberts recently upholding the health care act passed during the Obama administration as to its constitutionality.

  • Constitution

    The state legislature can change the Kansas Constitution, those things you mention above are Federal issues…….not state. Huge difference.

  • Vote

    I would like to see if the voters would aprove a change to the Kansas Constitution, the law as its written now is vague and the courts have relied on a study done almost 10 years ago to decide what is adequate funding. The State spends over 51% of there revenue on Education plus schools get some of there funding locally. That seems adequate to me and I feel like I am already taxed enough.
    If they need more money they should do away with the deductions you get for having children and apply all that money towards education……I would be for that…..people with kids actually paying for there kids education.

    • Reality Check

      Taxes in the US are the lowest of any industrialized nation in the world. We also have the education system to prove it. We are falling behind in everything. I understand wanting to keep your money, but the good news is, the more educated and competitive your future generations are, the more money that will come to the whole country as a result.

      • ???

        I don’t think we want to be like other countries…..except maybe Canada……but there taxes are actually lower than ours.

        • Reality Check

          Not when you include all taxes, I believe. They have a pretty high GST(government sales tax), so when you add that in, they are spending more in taxes.