Weather Causes Roll-Over Accident

Sheriff DepartmentTwo rural Ellis County residents were injured in a weather related one-vehicle roll-over accident Tuesday night.

Ellis County Sheriff Ed Harbin says the accident occurred around 7:30 one-half mile east of Home Depot on Vineyard Road. A Jeep Wrangler driven by 18-year-old Riley Kaus was eastbound and slid on the snow packed road. The Jeep went into the north ditch and rolled onto the driver’s side.

Both Riley Kaus and his sister, 17-year-old Madison, were taken to HaysMed where they were flown to a Wichita hospital. Both were wearing seatbelts.

  • Here’s an Idea

    Maybe the roads should have been cleared off….

    • eda

      It was a country road and it is rock so when it gets wet then freezes it is extremely slick. Clearing it would not have changed anything. Just an accident that could have happened to anyone. I hope they are okay! Prayers to both of them.

  • Dumb comment before this

    Clear of what? The little bit of snow? Im sure speed was a factor and or maybe age

    • hmmmm

      Ok talk about a DUMB comment. I drove home last night at about 8:30, and yes the roads should have been cleard off. The snow was deep enough that there were snow ruts in the road. So before you make a comment about DUMB comments, you should stop and think.

      Prayers sent to both of these teenagers.

      • Reality Check

        It’s not dumb to think that the age of the driver, hence his experience driving in adverse conditions, could be a factor. Way too many of us have had similar experiences when we were young where we lucked out. I remember going into a ditch once at about that age, and it was due not only to a slick road, but to the fact that I wasn’t nearly as experienced driving in such conditions as I should have been to be out.

  • charlie

    Instead of being rude about age or speed, we should be praying they are alright. I’m sure you have had close counters because of your speed so quit acting like your better. I hope they are ok and come home soon!

  • rude comments

    These are my cousins. They were simply going to their mother’s home to pick their sister up. As you know, it had been raining/snowing most of the day. The roads were icy by this time in the evening. They are in critical condition. Please pray for them.

  • too much corporate power

    Thank the good Lord they were wearing seat belts. Many many prayers are going up for the Kaus family.

  • Chalk Roads

    Those stupid white chalk Roads are horribly slick when they are wet.

  • DirtyBird

    These are good kids that did absolutely NOTHING wrong besides drive down a crappy road and ended up having a terrible accident…yet we have inbread idiots making uneducated responses as to what happened and what they did wrong! This is a large part of what’s wrong w/ this society these days!! Please Get a life and Please pray for a speedy recovery for the people involved….Have a great day!

  • Ironic @ DirtyBird

    “… yet we have inbread idiots making uneducated responses…”
    – Referring to someone as an inbread idiot clearly is an “educated opinion/response”. *Note: sarcasm* Haha. Now that is what is “wrong” with society..

    • Reality Check

      BTW, it’s “inbred,” so neither of your responses sounds terribly educated.

  • a

    Yes the county has time to clear all 900 square miles of road in 6 hours. Poor kids I I hope they make it out fine I had friends die young from freak car acidents.

  • Mad friend

    First of all, none of you guys even know these two. They would never hurt a fly. They are both responsible and mature young adults. Age and speed was no factor. It was simply the bad roads. I pray for these two and their families. It’s rude comments like that, that make my heart drop. They are lucky to be alive.

  • Courtland

    Madison and Riley are my cousins! They are SO lucky to be alive!! They were on their way to pick up their sister at her mom’s house, and the road was slik, Riley lost control, and the next thing they knew…. they were in a ditch!! Please pray for them! We love them dearly!!