Nicodemus Turkey Hunting Brings Together Kidney Recipient and Donor

KIDNEY DONOR“Nobody but God could put us together like that.”

That’s the belief of two men, Gil Alexander, a kidney transplant recipient who lives in Nicodemus, and his donor, who lives a thousand miles away.

Rob Robinson of Eupona, Mississippi, is a turkey hunter and has been hunting for several years on Alexander’s farm land north of town.

“I’ve had kidney disease for about 20 years,” says Alexander.  “I had to go on dialysis about a year and a half ago.  It’s pretty restrictive.”

Robinson has a friend who lives in Olathe and had been hunting on Alexander’s property for about 40 years.

“I came out from Mississippi to western Kansas with him that first year,” says Robinson, “and Gil and I have become good friends.  I know what it’s like to be on a farm, working on equipment.  Gil was stuck on that machine every day and I just wanted to help him out.”

So, Robinson signed up for the kidney donor program at K-U Medical Center.

“Next thing I hear, Rob’s a match and agrees to be a kidney donor for me,” says Alexander.  “He was worried about me,” laughs Robinson.  “Gil came to see me in my hospital bed before I could even get out of it.”

Gil Alexander’s kidney transplant was November 26 in Kansas City.  He and his donor, Rob Robinson, were together again just 10 days later, December 8, at the Nicodemus Holiday Open House.

Both men say the transplant experience has strengthened their spirituality and their friendship.