Test Confirms Wolf Killed in Trego County

grey wolfA state parks official says tests have confirmed that an animal killed by hunters in Trego County in December was a wolf.

DNA testing conducted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service confirmed the animal was a western Great Lakes wolf, a subspecies of the gray wolf.

Ron Kaufman, a spokesman for the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism, says officials haven’t determined if the wolf was wild or had been in captivity.

The animal’s body has been turned over to the federal wildlife agency. Gray wolves are a protected species outside extreme northern United States.

  • new2hays

    So, are they going to charge the hunter with shooting it?
    Oh well, at least KWP admitted it..unlike the cougar sightings.

    • s

      I believe there was a cougar sighting that was proven in Trego county approximatly 3 years ago and kdwp “admitted” it. Deer hunters from Arkansas took pictures of the cougar. Most instances of cougar sighting cannot be proven. As far as charging the hunter, I believe the hunters contacted KDWP on their own because of the circumstances. Also, the wolf was not shot, it was killed by dogs.

  • KDWPT supporter

    KDWP doesn’t deny that people have seen mountain lions in Kansas. They just have to have absolute proof before they can confirm sightings. The only thing they deny is that there is a breeding population in our area because there is no proof. If they get definitive proof (DNA testing, animal carcasses) then they will confirm anything without a doubt.

  • I Heard

    From what I’ve heard, the wolf was not shot. Some dogs took it down and killed it…

  • From wakeeney

    I heard the hunters shot the wolf because it attacked the dogs that were with the hunters..?

    • Me

      It attacked it because they sent the dogs to get it. The dogs were trained to attack coyotes.

  • i heard also

    I heard this and i heard that, people who “hear” things should just STFU and find out what actually went on and not add on their own little bit of info! kthanks

    • http://hsyspost.com attitude

      Wow……..somebody has a attitude……….take some happy pills……unless it was your wolf they killed……..

  • hmmmm

    it is not that uncommon for wolves to be killed by greyhounds (which are used to hunt coyotes), if it was mangy wolf it could have been mistaken for a big Coyote. I am a believer that we have a few wolves, cougers, mountain lions, etc… in are area. Are they breeding I cannot answer that, I would have a hard time believing there are an abundance of them, becuase of the deer population.


  • J. Morgan

    In early December 2012, a rancher who has lived and farmed in southern Osborne Co. his whole life observed KDWP&T staff release five adult wolves into a pasture. He drove up to the KDWP&T vehicles and questioned what they were doing. They openly discussed releasing 5 adult male wolves. “Only males so that they could not breed.” Three days later 5 wolves were observed 10 miles north of Gorham in the Fairport area travelling together headed west.
    It is the stated public policy of the US Bureau of Land Management to repopulate wolves in “all of their native habitate in the US.” It is well documented that Kansas had an active wolf population until the mid 1800’s. In fact Col. A. Custer is often credited with killing “the last wolf in Ellsworth Co.”
    It won’t be long until more “wolf news” makes headlines in NW Kansas.

    • http://hayspost cousin eddie

      You serious Clark?

    • Reality Check

      There would be no benefit at all to releasing male wolves and not female wolves, so I doubt that story very much. Repopulation requires a breeding population.

  • Questions lead to answers

    How is it that a State Agency can run a release program, as rumored on both Cougars and the wolf story above, and not be required to be truthful about it? Any input from the stake holders in this process? Stake holders meaning private property owners / taxpayers who have cattle and other livestock intrests.

  • Me

    KDWPT is not and has not released mountian lions, black panthers, bears, wolves or sasquatch into the wild. They do not have the funding nor a valid reason to do so. KDWPT gets most of its funding from hunting fishing and park permits sales. They control deer populations by regulating hunting licensce sales. If they were to release predators into the environment that would kill their funding. They could not do this in secret either because of the danger to livestock and humans. If they were “spotted” like you claim and someone was injured or killed they would be liable, and thats not what state agencys are about. It doesnt make sense and it sounds an awful lot like someone fabricating stories for attention or they have a grudge against the agency (maybe they were caught poaching and were mad). But your story doesnt add up. And yes there was a population of wolves in kansas in the 1800s but were hunted into extinction much like they were all over the country. But it wouldnt be wildlfife and parks job to reintroduce them into kansas. This wolf that was killed was probably like mountain lions and wandered south from its original habitat in search of food and family. Or it was a captive wolf that got loose. But to sit here and claim that an under funded agency is spending money to release these animals especially only males is assanine.

    • hmmmm

      Just curious are you with KDWPT?

      If not you sure ACT like you know alot about their rules and regulations.

  • Red Riding Hood

    Everything you ever wanted to know about wolves (or any other mammal for that matter) in Kansas.

  • Dougie

    Forget the wolf! We have bigger problems to worry about! Keep your eye our for this creature!


  • Questions lead to answers

    Yes it could be a made up story but: I have had the released Couger story told to me face to face by a fellow who I would have no reason to not believe. Same sort of facts, released by a KDWP truck right in front of his eyes. Few years back now but told to me as truth. Who can say?
    Many of the release of predator programs are not majority funded by States, they are subsidized by interest groups. The Western States are a good point of reference in Predator release facts. Of course there too the stories and denials exist side by side so you will still be making up your own mind on what you believe.