Hays Tables County Request

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The Hays City Commission has some concerns about supporting Ellis County’s request to the legislature for a dedicated sales tax. If approved by the legislature, Ellis County could put future dedicated sales tax questions before the voters without having to go back to the legislature for approval.

City Commissioner Kent Steward says he thinks the proposed projects have merit, but wants to know why the county needs the dedicated sales tax.

The city commission wants the county to use an intergovernmental agreement in which the city would agree to transfer the sales tax funds to the county for the specified projects. That would eliminate the need for legislative action. The commission tabled the issue to allow the city manager and county administrator to discuss that option.

  • http://hayspost.com tough times

    Increased Sales Tax for something that will not bring anybody to town like the Sports Complex is bad for business. My Sales are down to the east of Hays but up everywhere else. People are going East to Salina to shop………more selection and lower sales tax.

    • a

      That is confusing to read. I get the jest but it barley makes sense.

    • duh

      I agree with u 100 %