City Will Add Turn Lane to 27th

hays-logo1After two work sessions during which residents along 27th Street voiced their concerns about changing the configuration to three lanes, the Hays City Commission Thursday night approved the change.

Residents along the south side of the street don’t want to lose their parking, which they say will affect property values and push traffic closer to their properties. But Commissioner Ron Mellick says the same issue keeps coming up and it’s time to make the street fit the current traffic patterns.

Commissioner Kent Steward proposed that the city help the residents in constructing additional driveways to compensate for losing the on-street parking, but the motion failed.

  • Citizen

    Why have a work session if you don’t care what anyone has to say. You do what you want and not what is best for the city. Good job City Commission. You just made a residential area of town more dangerous for the kids that live there. You should be proud of yourself.

  • …..

    How does adding a turn lane make that street more dangerous? If anything, that would make it safer. It seems like you think that this turn lane fills a personal agenda for the members of the city commission somehow, which doesn’t make any sense.

  • wow

    ….. What Citizen is talking about is how adding the turn lane will now force the lanes of moving traffic to the outer sides of the street, where cars are usually parked. Now that cars cannot be parked there that leaves nothing between the 30mph traffic and the front yards that kids maybe playing in. It also means that people visiting the home owners on that street will have walk across the busy 27th street because they are no longer allowed to park in front of the houses. Most of those houses have single driveways so not much parking. Just like the city to drop the market price of your house, make it more dangerous and then not help with the expenses of adding more driveway area. Bet they patted each other on the back after this one.

  • Homeowner

    Wow is right. They certainly dropped the market price, without any reimbursement or help. But they’ll continue to raise the valuation for tax purposes. Eventually they will have homeowners so upside down that when the city decides they want to “take” these houses through imminent domain to allow more business in the are the homeowners won’t put up a fight because the tax value will be higher than what anyone could possibly get out of these homes

  • Uhmmmm….

    27th Street is the 2nd busiest street in the City of Hays, I do not think it is unreasonable for the City to do something to make traffic flow better and to lessen the danger. The people who own houses along 27th had to know it was one of the busiest streets in Hays when they purchased there house and at some point something might change to accomodate increased traffic and population growth……is all common sense gone?

  • No kidding

    Indeed. Also, how many streets are there in Hays? A whole lot. How many kids have been killed by cars since I moved here in 1990? I believe zero. I don’t think changing one single street is going to change that a whole lot.

  • society

    And apparently 27th street…the farthest south the snobs in this town ever drive” is the ONLY street in town? Meanwhile the rest of us peons who work our butts off here have to drive on streets that are in such disarray that said streets are almost not fit to drive on! Think about it! Hall leads to FHSU, 27Tth to the hospital and Main st to all their little private businesses. Indian Trail and 33rd etc, Vine is only in great shape from 22nd north and partly bc the State helped pay. Been up Ash street lately? What about down Fort St? This is just something someone with deep pockets pushed through again without care at all for anyone else in this town. As usual.