County Approaches Hays About Tax

Money - Dollar Sign 001Ellis County Administrator Greg Sund Thursday night approached the Hays City Commission asking for support of a legislative bill designating a sales tax purely for two county building projects. Commissioner Henry Schwaller says he’s not sure this is the right time to request a dedicated tax.

The county sales tax would replace the tax currently in existence for the sports complex. It would be targeted for a new EMS/Rural Fire building and improvements to the jail and courthouse. The county is asking the incorporated cities to support the legislation, which if approved would be put up for a county wide vote.

The city will consider a letter of support next week.

  • tough times

    I think we are about to experience some tought times in the year to come, it would be nice to have a lower sales tax and keep more of my money, I do understand the jail space needs…….but without a new building I do NOT believe my EMS or Fire service will suffer, I do believe its pretty good right now…..but I do live in the western part of the county.

  • dd

    I somewhat agree with touch times comments. I too would like a litte grace period from sales taxes, especially since our Governor wants to keeps the state sales tax the same and not let it sunset. Again the government going back on their word. All the local taxing entities want to do is increase taxes one way or the other.

  • You must be joking?

    The last thing this city needs is MORE taxes. The jail really needs help I agree with that. However raising taxes is not the only answer to getting something built. It seems this local government does not have any other cure to our problems then raising taxes. When was the last time you heard someone say, that’s a great idea. I think it is time for a BIG! change.

  • Reaper

    No more taxes. I am about to move outa this county because of the ridiculous taxes we pay here and the crappy income.

    • Informed Citizen

      Really, our taxes here aren’t near as bad as a lot of places around the state and country. We as a county have actually been pretty lucky as far as our taxes are concerned. Id like for you to move out of this county and check back with us in a year or so. Id be curious as to what you find elsewhere.

  • Seriously

    Salina sales tax rate is 8.2%, Wichita is 7.3 %, Colby is 8.05 %, Wakeeney is 7.3 %. We are one of the highest around, google Kansas Sales Tax Rates and look for yourself. Hays rate is 8.55%, that’s hurts business when the shopping areas around you are lower………..

  • Highest

    Hays actually has one of the highest sales taxes around…..check the data.

  • Business

    People pay attention…….why come west to Hays from Russell county when you can go to Salina with more selection and lower sales tax……Just a 30 minute longer drive. High sales tax is bad for business!!!

  • stonedigger

    We haven’t seen this half cent sales tax fall off since it was voted in for the swimming pool. It is always some new project that we “have” to have. Until we voters say no, this tax will always be here.

  • dd

    I agree 100% with stonedigger. It will always be there unless we taxpayers unite and say NO!!!!