HHS Fundraiser for Armendariz Family

armendariz hhsA fundraising campaign is underway at Hays High School for the family of Citlatli Armendariz .

Principal Mike Hester says community members wanting to donate funds to help offset the funeral costs, can call the HHS Counselors office at (785) 623-2600.

Next week, according to Hester, HHS students will be selling wristbands and t-shirts, with all proceeds benefiting the family.

Armendariz, 18, was a senior at Hays High School.  Her body was found Monday afternoon south of Hays.

Funeral services for Armendariz will be held this Saturday, January 19, at 10:00a.m. in Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church, 1805 Vine Street, Hays.

  • http://hayspost.com wondering

    Imagine that…………

    a fundraiser for a teen who got plastered at an underage party and had a horrific accident.

    • really?!?!

      @ wondering, you should be ashamed of yourself !

    • E

      The phrasing is very tactless @wondering.. but it does seem that hays is condoning underage drinking. And she wasnt just partying a lil too much ppl… she was partying so hard that a person who lived there kicked her out. All this girl did was party, and thats fine when you are young. I did too! But she was wreckless. This whole situation is ironic. And I hope hdnews plans on reporting on MORE than just a fundraiser… they need to be talking about ways to prevent this kind of thing from happening again and about the seriousness of knowing where your child is and who they are with.

  • A

    ^^^^That comment is terrible. Do you feel like a better person now that you got that off your chest?

  • Show some respect

    Hope nothing like that ever happens to you or someone you love.Show respect at least for the family and people tht knew her

  • Becky Kiser

    The comments for the “UPDATE: Teen’s Death Due to Hypothermia” post were deleted and the entire comment section closed mid-morning Monday, January 16, 2013, by a Hays Post administrator.

    I, the person who wrote and posted the story update, did NOT remove any posts.

    Becky Kiser, News Director
    Eagle Local News/Street Beat
    Eagle Community TV Channel 14

    • really?!?!

      Is there a specific reason that all the posts were deleted?

  • omg

    Wondering.. omg man you’ve never been drunk or partied a little to much? Difference is you probably had someone to take care of you in that condition. That was a very rude comment and you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Im wrote that

    Im the one who wrote the last comment before the comments closed in the main article section. It was a comment that that took aim at HaysPost for deleting my earlier comment that werent obscene. It was however a negative review of the censorship displayed toward my comment being taken down. it also took a couple swipes at HaysPost but nothing that certainly wasn’t well earned. Look I dont like the very first comment on this page I think its in poor taste, heavy handed, and disrespectful at this time. But like im entitled to my opinion so is the person who posted it. With a little basic Fact checking you can see where the posts author came up with this. It might or might not be correct but if you take away one persons right to express there opinion based on what you think thats called censorship. When a website takes down a scathing review directed toward there conduct that’s just outright wrong. Seriously would you trust a website and its content if you knew they deleted the negative critiques of itself.

    • hmmmm

      Apparently you must trust this website, because you continue to come back to the site, and post ignorant post that make you sound like you know what your talking about. You are correct you do have the right to speak and say what you want, BUT Hays Post also have the right to delete, or close the comments on this page as they feel. That is their right as the webmaster of this site.


    • Red

      @Im wrote that

      We are all entitled to our opinion, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be expressed, especially in horrible situations such as these. Were you ever told as a child “keep your opinion to yourself”? Maybe you should apply it your adult life. Just because you can leave a rude or uneducated comment, doesn’t mean you should. Grow up.

    • E

      I somewhat agree w “im wrote that” (should wrk on that name tho eh?) On hdnews.net.. I had also posted about how Hays PD needed to get w the program, how she couldve been found sooner, and then talked about how there are a couple possible motives.. for one.. the circumstances surrounding her getting kicked out of the party house, and two.. the fact that she was listed in the hayspost police notes for getting arrested in the afternoon on 1/10 on suspicion of theft… meaning someone thought she stole from them. So, after following the story the entire time.. I noticed something new on the website, a lil pop up that was requesting logging in/signing up/paying to comment on hdnews.net. So Id hit “no thanks, take me back” and it would take me back, and I could continue reviewing the site and whatever article. Well, after a few days of people posting comments such as “this sounds fishy” “another cover up” and my comments about the skeptical 6 ft “fall” that pop up became almost permanent. You go to the site, it pops up like it always does, and then click take me back, and as soon as you would try to click on any other article or obit, or classifieds, the SIGN IN window pops up again… REPEATEDLY. I couldnt navigate through ANY of the website for about 2 days bc of this continuing request to sign up.. when I was already signed in w facebook.. so its not like I was anonymous. So I said screw it and left it alone. Check out hdnews today to see what all is going on… BAM! One pop up, goes away after one “no thanks.” Coincidence??? Yea right.

      • Becky Kiser

        Hays Daily News is now charging to view its online content. I believe you get 10 “free” views a month. Any more than than that, you have to subscribe to the online edition.

        • E

          doesnt explain why Ive been viewing all day long… the SAME month as I was a few days ago.. and there has been only the ONE request to pay… vs the request every time I tried to click on any article a couple of days ago. So for those of us that do not pay for the paper that use the classifieds to search or apts or jobs… we are now required to pay for that service?

  • wondering

    What? Gee Becky, I’m glad that YOU did not remove any posts! Thanks for clearing that up?!

  • http://hthr_bauer@yahoo.com ?

    I don’t think any comments should even be allowed to be shared by the public. Half of you people don’t even have the true facts. A young innocent person died and nothing but prayers should be made. End of the story.

    • hmmmm


      Tragic situation no matter how it happened.

      RIP to this young teenager.

  • Erin

    I’m very glad this site allows us to comment. Some people post very negative comments and I ignore them. If those comments are deleted so what?

  • Hays Resident

    I think any and ALL stories involving this teen should NOT have the comments open to the community… it just goes to show that people care more about bashing others than actually showing the family respect.

    • huh?

      But yet you thought it was necessary to comment???

  • Jordan Schaeffer

    I challenge anyone who wrote a negative comment to stop hiding behind “anonymous” or a cute little fake name. if your big enough to post on here you should be big enough to use your real name.. if your not then keep quiet.. thats my 2 cents.

  • Marc

    Wow a post of a fundraiser sure gets everyone’s panties in a bunch

  • ME!

    I knew this girl and she was one of my friends she was such a great girl rest in paradise dora i love youuu !!

  • Jordan Young

    What a great idea HHS!

  • Jenn

    I think the fundraiser is a wonderful idea! RIP sweet girl. I will be praying for everyone involved.

  • Just Maybe….

    Did you ever wonder if there were facts that haven’t been posted? The reason that girl was in a field was because she was running for her life. She left that “gathering” because she was being attacked by multiple people. The contusions(sp) are not just from falling. They are from monsters who tried to basically kill her. There are at least 10-15 people they are looking at to charge with this case because any given one of them could have stepped in and tried to stop the violence. But, they didn’t. They let her run away and being a young female, being scared, she tripped and that was that. Shame on you disgusting people, if you can even be called that, that sit there and think she DESERVED what she got. NO SIREE/MAM. She was an amazing, smart, beautiful young lady. Yea, she was at an underage party, HOW MANY OF YOU USED TO GET DRUNK IN HIGH SCHOOL? Do not sit there and point fingers when you know it could have easily been YOU.

    HHS, I think what you are doing is GREAT!

    • huh


    • ?

      How do you know these sort of details? Were you there? Why doesn’t the girl who put a stop to the party have the same story? Where they reported to the police? This case just seems to sound more suspicious every day. I hope there are more answers than questions soon. RIP Citlatli Armendariz

  • eda

    Okay, WOW!!!!! Please remember that a family lost their daughter and a sister. The family is a good family and they simply never thought they would need to save money for their child’s funeral. So help or don’t help but let Citlatli rest in peace, please. I know emotions run high and everyone has an opinion, and you are entitled to it, but do not get upset when someone tells you to keep it to yourself. I am sure we were all raised to be polite and have good manners. I feel for the family. Please remember they loved her and are going through a terrible heartbreak at this time.

  • Really

    @Wondering, have you never made a stupid decision, Driven too fast, drank too much, been inattentive while driving, slept with multiple people, etc?? I mean everyone has made decisions that could have cost them their lives. Teenagers, even GOOD teenagers (if you want to classify them), make bad or risky decisions. By the GRACE OF GOD, and only that, most survive, but unfortunately, some don’t. Some get “caught”. So if you have NEVER made a choice to do something that was a risk to your life, then by all means start casting the stones one after another, but I highly doubt you can say that you NEVER did anything even remotely stupid. Furthermore, how or why she died doesn’t erase the fact that there is a family mourning the loss of their daughter, sister, cousin, niece, as well as many friends who are doing the same.

    Good job HHS for supporting the family and students.

  • wondering

    well-since big jordan shaeffer has challenged us all and given us his two cents, i guess that is the end of it! we will do whatever you say big man.

  • http://hayspost.com ellis-ite

    Give the poor girl a chance to RIP. She may have been drinking underage, but how about taking a closer look at all participants at the party and maybe even at the property owner, who by chance, lives in the “guest house” above the garage.

  • Rest in peace

    Please if anyone knows anything report it to the police.what you might know will help give justice for her death.please dont be afraid to tell them anything you might have seen or heard at the party.yes we know she fell but why????was someone trying to attack her and just left her there to die after she fell…please the family needs more answers and the truth will not be heard unless someone talks.help us all in this time of grief.thank you and god bless.