KS Drought Response Enters Third Year

roberts droughtThe Governor’s Drought Response Team held its first meeting of 2013 Friday afternoon.

The team heard the U.S. Seasonal Drought Outlook continues to illustrate drought conditions persisting or intensifying in Kansas, with a higher probability for above normal temperatures and below normal precipitation.

The meeting focused on responses from the public water supply assessment and also included updates regarding current reservoir levels and the status of the emergency drought livestock water supply initiative. There were also discussions regarding the federal government’s role in drought management for Kansas.

“The Kansas Department of Agriculture Division of Conservation has been implementing an initiative to provide financial assistance to Kansas livestock producers needing water supplies,” said Greg Foley, Division of Conservation executive director. “We have approved 579 applications to date and continue working with county conservation districts, NRCS and landowners to complete the remaining approved applications.”

For more detailed information about the state’s current conditions, see the Kansas Climate Summary and Drought Report on the KWO website at www.kwo.org