Update: Structure Fire Reported in Downtown Hays

10:30 -Hays Firefighters were called to a fire at a cabinet shop at 112 East 9th Street Friday morning around 8 am.

Five trucks responded, and the fire was quickly extinguished.

The spontaneous combustion of oily rags in a trash container is the suspected cause. Fire Chief Gary Brown says rags soaked in oils such as wood stains, cooking oil and paint should be placed in a metal can with a lid.


8:45 am – A fire reported at 112 E 9th Street in Hays is out. The call came in to the fire department around 8 am.

The cause has not been determined.

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  • Awesome

    Good job HFD for the quick knockdown! Saved a lot of property!

  • Reality Check

    This is the second such fire in town of this nature. People really need to look over their procedures regarding hazardous waste and how they dispose of it.

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