Residents Express Opposition to Restriping

Eight residents spoke to the Hays City Commission Thursday night in opposition to changing 27th to three lanes between Hall and Plum streets.

The residents, including Donna Hansen, live along that stretch and are concerned about losing parking on the south side and increased traffic traveling faster, which may be a safety hazard.

The issue will be discussed again at the next work session on the 17th to give residents who could not attend this meeting an opportunity to speak either for or against the lane reconfiguration.

  • hmmmm

    I feel that 27th has needed some changed for years now. As it is a danger with traffic during the busy times of the day. I know this going to be a change for people living on 27th, but it is time to do something about this.


  • CrEaP

    While I agree that that section of 27th needs something done, I don’t think that turning a residential neighborhood into even more of a gateway for traffic is the answer. There are families with young children and we certainly don’t need to invite more traffic that can drive even crazier and faster by adding another lane.

    • http://hayspost Arthur Doyle

      No one is suggesting raising the speed limit. 27th street is a main thoroughfare like it or not.

      • CrEaP

        You’re right. No one is suggesting raising the speed limit. But like it or not when there is the appearance that this isn’t considered a residential area, more people will speed down this street.

  • Turning Lane

    Hopefully drivers figure out that the center lane is a turning lane. At least twice a week, I see someone either on 13th, 27th, or Vine Street that do not merge over to the Center Lane to make a left hand turn. This is very dangerous for other drivers.

  • Citizen

    This is a stupid idea. There is no need for a turn lane on that part of 27th. People will use the turn lane for a merge lane and make it more dangerous than it is now. Not to mention you are moving the flow of traffic closer to the sidewalk making it more dangerous for kids in this residential neighborhood.

  • BD

    How about moving the double yellow line to the north about 8 feet. That way those on the south side of the street will be able to maintain their street parking, the City of Hays will safe money and not have to buy “NO PARKING” signs. People will still be able to make left turns, but they may have to wait for a few vehicles to pass by before they make their left turn. If that doesn’t work then the city should buy the concrete barriers that were used on the Topeka to Bonner Springs Turnpike for years (joke but will probably be seriously considered now )