KS Homeowner Shoots Suspect During Home Invasion

Lyon County authorities say a homeowner shot and injured one person breaking into an eastern Kansas home and held another suspect at gunpoint until police arrived.

The incident happened Wednesday morning at a home about three miles north of Neosho Rapids.

Lyon County Sheriff Jeff Cope says the homeowner fired one shot at the suspect, who was treated at Newman Regional Health for non-life threatening injuries.

KVOE the second suspect was held at gunpoint until deputies arrived.

The residents of the home were not hurt.

Further details of the shooting were not immediately released.

  • hmmm

    Great work home owner. This is a reason why good guys should get the opportunity to own a gun. If this home owner would not have had a gun in his possession, who knows what would have happened, he would have for sure been robbed, and maybe worse, beaten or killed.


  • Bob Craig

    Another win for the good guys. Too bad this will never make the 6 o’clock news.