Arrest Made in T-Bones Bar and Grill Fire

Arson charges were filed Wednesday against Michael Butler, owner of T-Bones Sports Bar and Grill in connection with a fire that badly damaged the restaurant in October.

According to the Hays Police Department, Butler, 36 of Hays was arrested Wednesday on charges of aggravated arson.

The fire on the morning of October 9th caused substantial damage to T-Bones and adjacent businesses also were affected by smoke and damage from firefighters accessing concealed spaces to stop the spread of the fire.

  • Hays Resident

    Wow! I could say more but it wouldnt be very nice.

  • http://hayspost Arthur Doyle

    The fire was started in the early morning of a work day with no regard for the safety of other people working in the conjoined businesses. Nor was there any concern for the financial livelihood of the other business owners, their employees, or employee’s family’s. The fact that no one was physically harmed is irrelevant to his intent.

    • Selfish

      Being one of the almost 100 people that had to be evacuated from the building that morning, this upsets me that he could be so SELFISH to put that many lives in danger without a second thought! It doesn’t matter how bad business was, the thought of trying to get out by setting a fire and harming that many people/businesses physically and financially, including his own family and employees, is despicable.

  • use your brain

    Lock his ass up forever

  • weeden

    That place was a grease hole to begin with. I guess it was easier for him to just light a match than clean it.

  • M.B.

    Gee wiz guys, it wasn’t suppose to be that big of a fire.

    • B.D.

      Why should there have even been a fire? Why be stupid enough to start a fire in a building.. T-Bones was the best bar. It may have been a grease hole but it connected family and friends. A LOT of fine people would walk into that place and the people that worked there were amazing none the less. Those amazing people is what made T-Bones what it was. New friends were made everyday and the workers considered each other family. Why ruin what it was and what it stood for?

  • MALK

    Guess he won’t be collecting any insurance money. Maybe he should have thought things through a little better. Things must have been really bad for him to resort to burning his business down.

  • hmmmmm

    I hope the surrounding businesses sue him….i know the girls at Centennial Salon were out of work because of his stupid ass!!

  • CT

    Everyone shut the FUZZ Up Mike is not Arsonist. He was only trying to burn some DVD’s so that makes him a Pirate.

    • http://hayspost american


    • TD

      HAAAAAAAAAA!! Nice one.

  • Tom

    Not saying he did, or didn’t.
    Just because he was arrested, doesn’t mean he’s guilty.
    Glad none of you are going to be in the jury box.

    • http://hayspost american


      • http://hayspost american


  • Justin

    You people are the exact problem with Hays. Everyone is guilty the minute they are arrested. No questions. “Selfish” and “Arthur” have lived the perfect life, never making a wrong decision ever. It is so great to live in a town that no matter what the second your name hit the paper you a convicted criminal. And yes, I have been in arrested, made the Hays post, but guess what, was never convicted. So before you start slinging mud, wait till the day in court and the outcome before judging. That’s not your job, nor your right. I hope he didn’t do it. If he did then he made a bad decision, but until the truth comes out keep your comments to yourself or tell someone who actually wants to listen to you.

    • Jon

      Hey Justin…they arrested the guy for arson…I’m pretty sure they had good evidence or they would not have arrested the guy…Just sayin.

  • Bad Decision?

    Shop lifting is a bad decision, speeding is a bad decision, setting a building on fire is more than a “bad decision”, it is malicious. Not saying he’s guilty, but I know extensive investigation (almost 3 months in this case) goes into these kind of charges, so it’s more than just a hunch or he would have been arrested the morning of the fire.

    • non believer

      So typical, Hays Kangaroo court

  • passin threw

    apparently he didn’t realize all the surveilance equipment nextech has watching when he was seen leaving the buiilding shortly before the fire was called in

  • Fat orange @&$&!

    Karma’s a b%#*> Mike.

  • Dumb drunk

    It doesn’t matter what comes out of this….if it’s within the “Hays Court System” its already been decided over drinks at a local bar…this town is as corrupt as it comes and it will rectify itself sooner than later!! The state is also aware of this corruption, as you will see results sooner than later!! Thank Goodness!

    • http://hayspost american


  • Last Straw

    I can look past a lot of things that people do like murder, treason, and even this I could care less about. But like the earlier comment about the Pirated DVD’s just irks me high heaven. Some lines shouldnt be crossed. I hope they throw the book at this SOB and then I hope his new BF yank his chain off and does a hole shot with it. Thats punishment brutal punishment

  • rocket scientist

    not sure but i don’t think your avatar changes just cause you change names

  • I vote awesome

    thats messed up your own BF dippin your chain in your own own soup, do it.

  • http://- TT

    Nex-tech surveillance on the Nex-tech building, State Fire Marshal’s investigation, KBI’s time spent on the case, Hays police department’s time….all signs lead to tough years a head for Mr. Butane . . . I mean Mr. Butler!

  • B.D.

    Its not like he really even cared about the place anyways. it became a dirty dirty place. there could have been so many improvements to that place. but instead, lets just burn it. I dont think he should get away with it. even if it wasn’t meant to burn it down.. dont be stupid about running a place. with all of the hazards it had with the water leaks by lights and on ceiling tiles….should have fixed it.

    • B.D.

      sooner or later it would have caught on fire anyways with the bad maintenance there was.

    • http://hayspost american


  • JC

    T-Bone (Mr. Bollig) would be upset to see what had become of his bar, it was a great place when he owned it.

    • b.d.

      I grew up with tbone and he would be irate about it. Love butlers parents but they chose the wrong guy to run it. There are people other than nex tech that would have been more than happy to take it off their hands and still keep it as tbones he ruined the best place in hays. It’s a shame.

  • Cant Remember

    I don’t remember it much, but when I was younger, it used to be the Hawks Nest. What was it like back then, before it became T-Bones? Better? Worse?

    Honest question. Anyone remember?

  • Hawks

    Hawks had great burgers and the place was clean but there was always rumors about illegal gambling, sports betting and even some slots for the trusted regulars.

  • AK

    Why not sell the place or file for bankruptcy? His poor family will struggle with this forever.

  • TD

    Well it’s about time he got arrested. I’m shocked that people didn’t see this coming. He’s been the “victim” of how many fires and has been having financial problems. Don’t have to be a detective to figure that one out.

  • N.B.

    Andy and Mary Lang owned it for years.
    It was the Wagon Wheel, Back then.

  • interesting


  • DK

    Good memories watching KU basketball in Hawks, back before KSU became the true sports power in the state.