KHAZ Country Music News: Blake Shelton Is a Little Jealous of Miranda Lambert’s “Big Pink Baby”

Miranda Lambert and Blake Sheltonaren’t having kids any time soon, but Miranda does have a big, new responsibility in her life — her new store, The Pink Pistol.

When someone asked Blake and Miranda about expanding their family recently, Blake referred to the store as her “big pink baby” in Tishomingo, OK.

“I think he regrets encouraging me to open it now because he never sees me,” Miranda says with a laugh.  “But when we’re home, Blake’s in the woods and he loves huntin’ and being in the woods and now I’ve just really found something that sort of gives me a new energy and that really occupies my time when I’m not on the road.”

The Pink Pistol also gives Miranda something to give her mind a rest from working on music all the time.

She explains, “My hobby happens to be singing and songwriting, which is also my job.  So, I needed a little bit more distraction.”

Miranda’s creative distractions like The Pink Pistol often cause a lot of extra work for the members of her team.

She adds, “I feel sorry for the people around me, because they’re having to execute them.  But, you know, that’s what they do.”

Miranda will get back to making music when she launches her Locked & Reloaded tour with Dierks Bentley on January 17.

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