Kansas Senate Leader Filed For Bankruptcy In 2010

The Kansas Senate’s new budget committee chairman filed for bankruptcy in 2010 and listed nearly $885,000 in unsecured debts in a federal court filing.

But other incoming Senate leaders defended Andover Republican Ty Masterson after his selection Tuesday as Ways and Means Committee chairman. They said colleagues respect him.

The Wichita Eagle reports that Masterson said he’s working with creditors to pay off debts that were discharged this year.

A GOP leadership panel picked Masterson. He and other incoming Senate leaders will begin their jobs when legislators convene their 2013 session in mid-January.

Masterson said he understands that some might question his appointment with the bankruptcy in his background. But he said it gives him a personal perspective on the tough economic times many people are facing.

  • WOW

    Spent $885,000, and he thinks he knows about tough times?

  • anon

    $885,000 in UNSECURED debt? Sounds like abuse, not hard times.

  • why

    The tax payers deserve a better representation of their money than this. If this person can’t manage his own financial affairs, WHY would we expect him to manage the financial affairs of our state any better? If he truly did file for bankruptcy in 2010, someone else should be chosen that didn’t just file for bankruptcy protection. If his colleagues do respect him, they obviously don’t care how it looks to us – the tax payers!