Dodge City Records Big Increase In Burglaries

Dodge City police say the western Kansas city is seeing a big increase in burglaries.

Police responded to 52 burglaries at homes, businesses and vehicles in November. That’s a 60 percent increase over November of last year.

Police Chief Craig Mellecker says the crimes are happening across the city. He says it’s not clear what is prompting the increase but he added that such crimes increase around the holidays.

The Dodge City Daily Globe reports that Mellecker also says drugs often play a part in property crimes.

  • Happy Holidays

    Ahh, Dodge City, the jewel of southwest Kansas.

  • Jermaine

    If they don’t steal it at a garage sale, they’ll wait until you’re away from the house and then go get it. “Happy Holidays” is sort of right. Dodge City is the armpit of Kansas, actually.

  • SWKS Farmer’s Daughter

    Not only is this affected the folks in Dodge City but the surrounding rural cities, farmhouses and farmsteads in Ford County. Be sure to inventory all your equipment and valuables with your insurance company.
    If possible, post ‘No Trespassing’ signs.

    • SWKS Farmer’s Daughter


  • Get the Heck out of dodge

    I lived there. That place is awful. Just awful.

  • MALK

    Grew up there. Used to be a halfway decent town. City just seems rundown and dirty now. It’s a shame that we only hear about all the bad things going on there. There are still some good people living out there, but people seem to have forgotten about them.

  • Questions lead to answers

    Reading all the above comments, the question raises; Why?