UFOs Over Salina? Multiple Reports Over Past Week (VIDEO)

Is it a bird, is it a plane, is it a…a UFO?

Over the past two weeks, reports of UFO sightings across the country have increased, and now reported sightings have popped up in Salina.

While many attribute the increase in sightings across the country to the December 21st end of the world conspiracy theory, the Salinans who have seen something in the sky over the past two weeks say they don’t believe the world is ending, nor do they believe in aliens, but they do believe they saw something strange in the sky over the city.

We received the first report on December 6th, with a request to review footage from the Salina Sky Cam. Shawn Jennings, of Salina, reported that he saw an object with two strange lights near the water tower at Sunset Park early that morning. He reported that he saw the object hovering near the area for approximately 15-20 minutes. Jennings and a friend took photos but they were too dark to analyze and the Salina Sky Cam was pointed in another direction that morning.

After the initial sighting we stationed the Sky Cam towards the west and on the morning of December 10th, we saw what appeared to be a single light hovering over the city at around 6:29 am. The photo quality is poor (Sky Cam was not intended for night viewing) but you can clearly see the single light. It was visible on the Sky Cam for nearly 45 minutes.

This time we were also contacted by two other individuals in the Salina area who reported seeing a “UFO” or a “drone” over Salina. The two, who chose to remain anonymous, said that they watched a stationary object in the sky for nearly 30 minutes before it disappeared, leaving only a trail.

Jennings also reported seeing the object again on the 10th and was able to record the video footage below.

He said that the object was visible for nearly 2 hours, before it left at an extremely fast speed, leaving a trail behind.

Similar incidents were reported on December 4th in Longview, Texas and Grand Blanc, Michigan.

Video analyst Marc Dantonio declared the object in the Grand Blanc, MI video to be an aircraft. View the footage from Grand Blanc, MI (NSFW- explicit language). ”At the conclusion of the video, I was able to affirm my suspicion and call this an aircraft on landing approach,” Dantonio told the Huffington Post.  This assertion is disputed by the man who shot the footage.

A flash, followed by a contrail in the sky over Southeast Texas made national headlines on December 7th, with multiple news outlets catching snapshots of the “UFO”. Experts declared that the flash and trail in this incident were caused by a meteor entering Earth’s atmosphere.

What the object over Salina was, is anyone’s guess. A call to officials at the Salina Regional Airport has not been returned yet.

So what do you think? Was the object seen hovering over Salina a plane, helicopter, drone, or something else?


  • TN

    Looks like the ISS (International Space Station)

  • AJ

    go to You. Tube. and search “International Space Station From Earth.” Looks exactly like it.

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  • Neil

    Its a light in the sky, there are many lights in the sky, there was always many lights in the sky, and their will always be many lights in the sky, LMAO
    Why, please tell me WHY this is news?
    In fact this is prolly the poorest video and weakest chit I have every seen, this is NOT news is bullchit. Please put real news, something juicy like how politicians are ripping us off. How about a real coverup, something believable,,,LOL

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  • brerat02

    I don’t see any other stars or lights in the sky around this one. The International Space Station wouldn’t be stationary either. It moves across the sky.

  • Sarah

    I seen a UFO in Park kansas! It was 3 flashing red lights and they moved together as if they were one! and people from Hoxie and Rexford (the lights were moving that way! when i seen them!) and people from Quinter seen them too!

  • Sarah

    Also.. I always look to the sky at night because i love the stars… I know what a the ISS looks like, and I know what a plane looks like.. and it was neither. It might be Aliens or it might be another country.. but definately a UFO

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