Texting Whereabouts Of Deer Illegal In Kansas

Kansas wildlife officials are reminding hunters that it’s against the law to exchange text messages on the whereabouts of deer and other game that might be headed their way.

The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism says the law has been around in various forms for years.

Officials say hunters are probably aware that they can’t use two-way radios to give other hunters a heads-up about the location of a game animal moving in their direction.

But that law, which prohibits the use of a radio or other mechanical device, includes cellphones.

The department says a text is the same as a phone call under the law, so don’t do it.

  • Runner

    And just how are they going to enforce this??? Send a game warden along with every hunter, or what???

  • Honor Code

    I like this law. I suppose it’s designed to make some of those lazy hunters actually work for it. (Not to say they all are lazy, but I bet we all know a few…) I do think however that hunters in the same area should be aware of eachother and communicate so that the likelihood of mishaps is reduced.

  • Robin

    Is it legal for the deer to text where they have seen hunters?

  • Runner

    @ Honor Code…how do you suppose they are going to ENFORCE this law??? It’s a waste of taxpayers money to pass laws that can, in no way, be enforced!!! I think the Kansas Government in Topeka have bigger issues to deal with!!!

  • Runner

    Yes Robin, it is…Big Brother is watching the deer too! LOL

  • Reince Preiubus

    How are they going to enforce it? You ask. Probably not going to beyond educating people about it and enforcing the law when violations happen. But thats the same way most laws work. And most people weather there is a Cop around or not arent going to break laws. With that kind of mentality i have to wonder about some of you and what happens when your left alone with your dog.

  • tatslady

    This law is actually nothing new.