Process to Rid County of Building Progresses

The Ellis County Commission Monday night approved a resolution stating the intent to grant the former county shop building to the Ellis Industrial Development Corporation.

Commissioner Glenn Diehl says the future of the building, including who owns it and how much of the historical nature is maintained, would then be in the EIDC board’s hands.

The next step is for the county to hold a public hearing next Monday.

  • Ellite

    Why not just come right out and say it??????????? The building has/will be given to Chad Sproul regardless of any other interested parties. Why else would he already have Roofmasters waiting, in the shadows, to repair the roof??????? Must be rough to get EVERYTHING handed to you.

    • Reality Check

      If you had a plan, the financial means and had presented it, it probably could have been you. Unfortunately, you do need to be on the ball for that kind of stuff and have a way to pay for it.

    • Ellis!

      I am not sure where u get your information, but I for one know that chad sproul does NOT get EVERYTHING handed to him!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has worked very hard for what he has!!!!!!! And shame on u for judging!!!!!! I will pray for you and all of the negative evil people in this county!!!!!

  • backhoe

    Where have these other interested parties been the last four months that this has been talked about? Very interesting that these anonymous people are only upset now. Maybe the County should just tear it down so no one can use it or benefit from it. I hope these (interested parties) show up on the 17th and explain their thought process!

    • Ellite

      Why was it NOT announced/published that the building was to be given away? I know of several people who were waiting for Swede, the County Commissioner, to get back with them. They inquired as soon as it was announced that the county wanted to sell the building and Swede took names and numbers and told them that he’d get back with them as soon as something was decided.

      • Ellis!

        I would say sometimes you have to be proactive and follow up when u are interested in something!