Commission Plans to Give Building Away, Sets Public Hearing

The Ellis County Commission has passed a resolution stating it’s intent to grant the former shop building to the Ellis Industrial Development Corporation. The EIDC plans to turn the building over to a business owned by Chad Sproul, who wants to refurbish the deteriorating building. Commission Chair Swede Holmgren says the next step is a public hearing.

The hearing will be during the commission meeting on December 17th.

Due to the lengthy process of officially turning over the building, the commission has extended the lease agreement with the EIDC until its first meeting in January.

  • give away?????

    If they are just giving the building away maybe more people would be interested……

  • backhoe

    The county has been trying to get rid of the building since they abandoned it. They let the building deteriorate in hopes the tax payers would build them a new one in western ellis county, but that didn’t happen. The county then has the nerve to tell the new owner that they must preserve the buildings historical value? Now we build a new multi-million fire and ems building in hays. What happens when they nare tired of that building? You can’t spend your way out of hard times folks. I truly hope people turn out and cast their ballots.

  • backhoe


  • Concerned Ellis Citizen

    How about letting other interested parties have a chance at the building???????? I know of several other Ellis residents/business owners who would be interested in the building. Guess Chad Sproul is the only one in Ellis who has access to enough money to BUY the County Commission. Sounds like alot of Bu–Sh-t to me.

    • Ellite

      Why not have a drawing of all interested parties and make it fair to all?????????

    • Ellis

      They are having a hearing on December 17, if you or anyone else is interested in the building I would suggest you be at teh hearing and voice your concerns.

      • Ellite

        I most definitely will be there, along with OTHER interested parties.

    • Ellis!

      WHATEVER!!!!!!!!! No one has ever came forward with any interest in the building until now!

  • City of Ellis Resident

    The County Commisioners is donating a building to the “EIDC” the building does need “alot” of work, along with New Windows that were never fixed after they were broken,it is home to alot of birds,bats,rodents and everything else that has taken up resident in the building. Maybe the EIDC was looking at what they could do with the building that would help “City of Ellis Residence”Not a building just for storage,thats happening now! I hope it goes to someone even “Chad Sproul” that will take care of the building and may bring jobs to the City of Ellis. I live down by the building and can’t believe “No one” cared enough of that building to fix it up!!! Funny Ellis County Residents would seem to be more Happy if the building was to be torn down that have someone make it into something and maybe make some money,Hire employees in Ellis County and bring in some Tax money…Hmmm kinda sounds familiar like the “wind farms” when are we Not going to worry about what are neighbor so called “Given to them” and look at the big picture, in the long run,would you rather have someone store junk in a building or make it into something profitable for the City and County…I know not everyone may want it to be used for storage,but I think if your going to open your mouth at the meeting, “you should have a plan of how it will make Our County and City better! and what your planning on doing to the building. Sad that a building that has been so neglected for all the years and “No” one cared will cause people to fight so there neighbor don’t get anything unless they do, and in the long run everyone looses!!!