County Chooses EMS/Rural Fire Building Design

Option A was the choice of the Ellis County Commission, the Space Needs Committee and the EMS and Rural Fire Directors as they held a special meeting Monday afternoon to discuss the plans for a new emergency services building. Two members of the committee, Tom Wasinger and Errol Wuertz say this option provides a full basement with room to grow.

The specific design and final costs estimates are still to be determined. The county is considering selling other property, such as the Tholen building, to help offset some of the cost, but a plan to finance the facility also is still to be determined.

  • Tired of taxes

    Spending money like they got it!

  • Rob

    This building is over kill, i think they need to put it to a vote since it will be tax dollars paying for it, stupid spending once again

  • Money??

    Its still a lot of money……while I think everyone is in agreement all parties involved except for maybe Emergency Management need more space……..but do they really need something this elaborate?
    Its going to be interesting how they choose to fund this Mansion.
    Volunteer Fire Departments and EMS stations all over the Midwest operate out of simple steel buildings and do a great job…………
    Just something to think about!!!!

  • Darin

    Stick it to us a little harder Hays Ks

    • Informed Citizen

      Darin-This is not “Hays, KS” sticking it to you. It has nothing to do with living specifically in Hays but rather Ellis County. The EMS services all of Ellis County and Rural Fire Company 5 services most of Ellis County. It would also be a training facility for EMS and all rural fire companies in the county. Again, it has nothing to do with the City of Hays it would just be within the city limits just as ECEMS and Rural Fire Company 5 are now.

      • shorty

        so the folks that live out of the city will pay for it get real!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • cc

          If they fund this project with a sales tax everyone doing business in Ellis county will pay for it.

        • Informed Citizen

          Yes the people outside of the city will pay for it because they are in the response district.

          • cc

            But people from Victoria, Ellis, Wakeneey, Plainville will also pay for it and they are NOT in the response district……….which sales taxes is fine but its not the fairest way to pay it I dont think. Those communities there own fire and EMS station already……….really modest ones I might add.

        • Reality Check

          Why not? When you need the services they will be there and they will be exemplary. Even if you aren’t in the 1st response area, if the fire is bigger than your fire department can handle, I’m quite sure that this facility will be the one on the first call for assistance list.

          • Informed Citizen

            While I understand if its funded from sales tax that everyone who shops here will end up paying for it, a half cent sales tax increase is going to be barely noticeable. I challenge anyone to go to salina or Wichita and check your receipts because I can almost guarantee that you are paying for something within that city that you will never use. And you probably didn’t notice it when you paid your bill. If you live in Ellis county this facility is benefiting the county as a whole. With classrooms and room to grow, this facility will be used for county wide training, and possibly regional training. This project is a necessity and a benefit to everyone in the area.

          • expensive

            its still expensive…………

  • Co 5

    Company 5 service area is between Toulon and Yocemento, north county line to the south county line…….about 1/3 of the county. All rural fire companies respond outside there area when needed and requested. There are 8 rural fire companies. One in Ellis, one south of Ellis 9 miles, one in Hays, Shoenchen, munjor, Catherine, Victoria, and one at the Sweetwater ranch north of Catherine.

  • Informed Citizen

    I can agree that its expensive but if you spend money wisely now you wont have to spend it down the line. I would assume they are taking projected future needs into account when they designed the building.

  • give away?????

    You can put up a steel building 100 x 100 with a heated floor for well under $250,000, that would be sufficient for current and future needs for rural fire, plenty of space for 6 to 8 trucks/vehicles, plus meeting space and training space.

  • Informed Citizen

    This isnt just for rural fire, it is for ECEMS as well. They need living quarters, sleeping quarters and normal ammenities. The way I understand they are also looking at possible space for living quarters if rural fire would ever become full time.

  • Expensive

    Rural Fire full time?? Now that would be expensive!!
    They whole entire county averages less then one call per day over a entire year!

  • Informed Citizen

    Im aware of that, all Im saying is that has to be taken into account. Yes right now they have low call averages. But if the county ever expands economically. Jobs created, businesses, what have you, they may have to consider that some day. Im not saying any time in the near future. But when you build a building like this you arent just looking at the right now. You have to look at what can happen in the future. If you do that then some of the expense can be justified. Well to most people it could be justified. There are a lot of people in this county that want to keep things the way they were 50 years ago and expect things to work. I agree this particular design will be costly. But they wont have to build another station in 15 years. Spend the money now and save a lot later on. It could probably be built for less but what the county will be getting in return will be huge. Its just sad that a lot of people cant see what they have now, or what they could have and appreciate it.

  • Voters

    It will be very interesting to see what the voters have to say about this! Its also interesting to me that the average age of the rural fire trucks currently in use is early 80’s with a handful if trucks from the 1970’s. Seems like the money would be better spent on updateing the fleet of fire trucks.

  • Agree

    I would be very suprised if the Ellis County voters agreed to this.