OPINION: A Sustainable Response to Senator Moran’s Election Message

By Richard D. Fry

I received a pre-election message from Kansas Senator Jerry Moran. What is Jerry’s big message?

“While it seems like every election is the “most important”, I truly believe that tomorrow will profoundly define the America we leave to our children and grandchildren…. the future of our nation is at stake. With 23 million Americans out of work, it seems clear we need new leadership…. Let’s restore prosperity.”

Jerry you cannot have lasting “prosperity” without individual Liberty. That was the conclusion of the great experiment of our Founding Fathers / Framers of the Constitution. It has resulted in historically unparalleled Liberty of any people being visited upon the American people and has led to the unparalleled prosperity of any nation being visited upon America.

The foundation of such Liberty is that Liberty was given to the people by God and is unalienable which means the people are the sovereign and the government is a mere servant of the people.

During his tenure in Congress Jerry has helped to undercut the very foundation of our Liberty and therefore our prosperity. Sometimes he has done so subtly such as by voting for one Farm Bill after another which contained elements of the UN’s Sustainable Development theory / Agenda 21 (A21), other times it has been more apparent such as with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2012.

Senator Moran’s Support for UN’s Sustainable Development

Recently, Senator Moran publicly chastised the Secretary of Agriculture for promoting “meatless Monday.” “Meatless Monday” is part and parcel of Sustainable Development which Sen. Moran has been voting for and authorizing funding of since he has been in Congress.

One example of such is the hundreds of millions of dollars Jerry authorized the Department of Agriculture (USDA) to spend to do flatulence studies (called the “fart studies” by some.) This started around 2001 – 2002. Such studies were the subject of a Saturday Night Live skit in 2003 and made Sen. Tom Coburn’s infamous list of the top 100 most wasteful federal projects at least once. These “studies” are still going on here and abroad.

These studies are based on the long since refuted theory of ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’ i.e., the assertion that we are experiencing “global warming” and it is manmade. The UN has asserted that animal flatulence causes more “greenhouse gases” (the cause of “global warming”) than all the cars and buses and planes etc. combined.

According to the UN, global warming is an infliction by the western world upon the rest of the world due to the west’s greed in promoting the advancement of mankind over the environment. Such things as air conditioning, burning of fossil fuels, private ownership of land and yes eating meat are some of the indulgences of the western world the environment (and rest of the world) can no longer sustain.

Make no mistake about it Senator Pat Robert’s has been no better.

Senator Moran’s support for NDAA

A more obvious attack on our Liberty has been Sen. Moran’s support for the NDAA.

NDAA under cuts over a dozen provisions of the Constitution and Bill of Rights which relates directly to our personal Liberty. It allows the President (executive branch) based on a mere suspicion (less than is required for an arrest warrant) to “capture” a U.S. citizen, including in the United States, and hold them indefinitely without allowing them to talk to an attorney (or family), without a jury trial, without being allowed to see evidence against them or to confront witnesses’ against them. It even allows the government to turn such citizens over to a foreign government or to a “foreign entity” such as Interpol, a UN affiliate. NDAA is a “no fly list” supersized and placed on steroids.

(Currently some are objecting because the UN is sending in election monitors to oversee voting in the U.S. The UN is concerned about such requirements as states requiring photo ids. This is nothing compared to what is authorized in the NDAA.)

Unlike Sen. Roberts and Congresspersons Yoder, Pompeo and Jenkins who voted for this horrendous bill, Moran skipped the actual vote. This tells us something since he has something of a reputation for skipping out on tough votes.

There is an adage at law which says “those who do not object acquiesce” and this is especially true if they have a duty to speak out against something. Under Article VI of the Constitution Sen. Moran has a duty to protect the Constitution. This is an active and affirmative duty. This duty includes the requirement he tells his constituents (his bosses) of any attack on the Constitution and their Liberty and undertakes action to stop such attack.

Sen. Moran has failed miserably in his duty to the Constitution and the citizens of Kansas as it relates to the NDAA.

Some will say that Sen. Roberts and Congresspersons Pompeo, Yoder and Jenkins have likewise failed.

Yes they are right they all failed. But, their duty to the Constitution is personal. None of them get off the hook because one or more of the others violated their personal duty and oath to the Constitution. I am not holding up for these other usurpers of Liberty, I am simply pointing out the hypocrisy of Sen. Moran’s election message.

Don’t forget your duty to call these “public servants” out on this grave breach of their duty. Don’t drink Sen. Moran’s Kool–Aid and remain one of his “kids.” As he says such will “profoundly define the America we leave to our children and grandchildren…”

P.S. Only Congressman Huelskamp voted against the NDAA and has continued to try to correct its unconstitutional provisions. You might send him a letter of thanks on behalf of your kids.


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