Mountain Lion Sighting Confirmed In Central Kansas

A mountain lion sighting has been confirmed near the central Kansas town of St. John.

A motion-activated trail camera captured an image of the animal Oct. 31. Kurt Keesling discovered the picture when he checked his camera Wednesday.

On Friday, a Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism wildlife biologist visited the site and confirmed the photo’s validity. It’s the first documented report of a mountain lion in the state since last January, when tracks were found in Washington County.

Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism biologist Matt Peek says it’s the ninth confirmed sighting since 2007.

A biologist from Pratt is going to inspect the area to see if there are any other cougar signs and to verify the location.

  • Ron Bennett

    There’s one nort of Ogallah too.

  • Around

    They have been around for years but the State always seem to not be able to “officially” confirm them…..but now the all the trail cam evidence they have no choice but to!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Post Rock

    The State Gestapo denied for years that they existed here, now there are fewer of them than they were. Since the State became the enemy of the farmer and landowner, the people see no need to cooperate with them, and they just shoot, shovel, and shhhhhh.