K’s Diner Fire Cause Determined

The November 5th  fire at K’s Homestyle Diner, 3402 Vine Street, was caused by spontaneous combustion.

According to Hays Police Chief Don Scheibler, a video camera inside the restaurant was retrieved by investigators who then watched video of a pile of rags in the kitchen area heat up and ignite.

The diner opened October 1 in the former Village Inn location.

Co-owners Kim Leiker and Kari Geerdes have said they plan to reopen the restaurant where about 40 people were employed.

  • Robin

    Why reopen? The service was horrible and the food very mediocre. The citizens of Hays want cheap tacos, burgers, and fries…and some red beer.

  • GARY

    maybe it’s just you Robin

  • http://hayspost Former Restaurant Owner

    Robin, you are certainly entitled to your opinion, and there is nothing wrong with cheep tacos, burgers and red beer. However, K’s Diner was a new business and with any new business there are going to bumps in the road. They were in the process of smoothing out those bumps, with training of staff in all aspects of the restaurant business. It’s too bad that they now have a bigger issue to deal with. I wish them the best of luck, and hope to see them open in the coming months.

  • Complainers

    What is the story with T’Bones?

  • Rethink

    I wasn’t impressed either I wouldnt reopen just waste of money

  • Rethink

    And everyone I have talk to said theyd never eat there again as well

  • weeden

    I hope they reopen. These two ladies that opened this restaurant had never been in the business before and are locals. They were working hard to operate a very successful business and hopefully they will get the chance again.

  • Tom

    There have been negative reviews for most every eating establishment when it first opens. Yes, it is valuable to have honest feedback from customers. However, these are opportunities for owners and managers to improve upon areas needing improvement. Thank goodness most owners/managers did not take to heart comments such as Robin’s and Rethink’s and close. Some of the well known and appreciated eating establishments in town fought through initial problems and criticisms to become much appreciated and successful restaurants currently open in Hays. “Karry” on K’s Diner, Karry on!

  • rob

    there is only about 3 restaurants in Hays worth eating anyway, do yourself a favor and just eat at home, much better and cheaper anyways

  • Server

    I can’t wait for K’s to reopen! Things were just starting to smooth out. Their pancakes were the best in town and their chicken fried chicken was amazing! I hope all of you will try K’s again once they reopen. This time they will have trained staff that know what they are doing and better food! And as a server with experience as a cook i know people are always on the run. K’s is a sit down restaurant with home-cooked food. Food isn’t going to come out in 5 minutes. And it may take a little longer when they are busy.