Screw-In Coffin? Is This Weird?

Would you like to be screwed into the ground instead of buried?

If you answered “Yes” or “What?” then you may want to check out what Donald Scruggs has to offer.

Donald Scruggs is featured on a new PBS series called “Inventors” and has invented a screw-in coffin. It is essentially a lag bolt, 8 feet tall and hollow. The body is placed vertically in the tube, and the coffin is then screwed into the ground. The top of the screw serves as a headstone. Scruggs acknowledges being buried vertically in a coffin that screws into the ground is not for everyone, but he does think his interment invention could save money and make better use of space than traditional burial.

Check out the video below to see Donald and his Screw-In Coffin.