2012 Election Results

Ellis County                Final

Commissioner District 2

(R) Barbara Wasinger    2,140

(D) Dennis Pfannenstiel  1,684

Commissioner District 3

(R) Ron Adams   1,932

(D) Dean Haselhorst   2,548


(R) Robert Butch Schlyer  5,765

(D) Donna Maskus   6,548


Graham County         Final


Brandon“Cole” Presley  1,100

Ronald Keith       198


Shall Graham County impose a .25 % sales tax to fund economic development?

Yes   452

No    800


Shall USD 281 Board of Education members be elected at large rather than by district?

Yes    781

No      378


Phillips County       Final

Shall the sale of alcoholic liquor by the drink in Phillips County be permitted in public places without a requirement that any portion of gross receipts be for food?

Yes  1,302

No    1,045


Rooks County            Final

Commissioner District 3

Ted Lambert  440

Corky Hagan  557


Rush County     Final


Ward Corsair  1,250

Dale Scheideman  283


Russell County        Final

Commissioner District 3

Bradley Zweifel   620
Cathy Boxberger   385

Luray Question: Shall Charles “Chuck” Pyle be recalled from the office of mayor?

Yes 42
No  65


Trego County       Final

Commissioner District 2

Lanny Fabrizius   154

Wesley Hobbs       314

Commissioner District 3

Dean Papes   235

Lynelle Shubert  221


Richard Hanks   992

Travis Stein  535


State Legislature

40th Senate District   Final

(R) Ralph Ostmeyer  21,666

(D) Allen Schmidt   11,311


110th House District  Final

(D) Philip Martin      2,472

(R) Travis Coutoure-Lovelady     7,528


111th House District    Final

(D) Eber Phelps   4,929

(R) Sue Boldra     5,763

  • Disappointed Voter

    It’s unfortunate that negative advertising by the Republican Party, primarily by the Boldra camp, can sway so many voters to remove a compassionate, good man like Eber Phelps from office. It’s another sign of the times that ugly, negative advertising wins against good candidates. Waiting to see if Boldra can do as much good for our community as Phelps had done. Not counting on it ….

    • Disappointed too….

      I totally agree. Personally I don’t know Boldra, but am hopeful she has a mind of her own and that she’s not someones puppet.

    • student

      the negative advertising i heard wasn’t by her. for her maybe but not paid for by her camp and i think she will be a fine representative and will do more than Phelps ever has

      • Super Pacs need to go

        Like was mentioned, most the of bad campaigning is done by the Super Pacs not the actual canidates

        • Citizen

          Yea right. I am sure she knew nothing about them and didn’t approve of them. I never once heard her speak out against them.

    • Concerned

      The negative ads were not run by Sue Boldra; they were run by a different organization – on her behalf, but without her knowledge or approval.

  • Elated/Thrilled

    I’m beyond excited for Sue and I look forward to her representing us in office. As for the previous posts asking if Sue will be someone’s puppet, my question is ‘Who has Phelps been a puppet for? Not his constituents.’ Regardless, it’s time to work toward a better Kansas!

  • Love Sue

    Eber has been there long enough, its time for someone new. Sue has changed so many lives for the better as a teacher. She is part of what this country needs.
    Eber was an obama puppet

    • Kansan

      I visited with Eber numerous time throughout his terms of a Representative, and I never found him to be an “Obama Puppet”, as you say. He’s a good man who should be thanked for his service to Kansans. In my opinion, Boldra has big shoes to fill and in all sincerity, I wish her well.

  • Fred

    As a Republican, I was ashamed of all the crap that came in the mail smearing Eber Phelps. I hope the Boldra camp is proud of themselves. You cannot buy respect.

  • really?

    I’m not sure how many times you can be told before you comprehend. Boldra did not know about/nor did she endorse those negative mailers. Be angry and stand for your beliefs, but make sure you understand the facts before you open your mouth. It would behoove you to check facts for yourself, instead of listening to what others tell you as the truth.

    I know both Phelps and Boldra. Phelps is a lovely man but has taken a very lax approach to his position. Sue is just what this town and state needs. She is full of energy and will do what is best for this community. Good for Sue.

  • Robin

    Eber is a nice guy but had the job by default for a long time. I don’t know Sue but it’s nice we have some new blood in Topeka.

  • Chris

    I’ve seen Phelps speak at many events and he was a strong supporter of schools, the elderly and disabled. After watching the debate on KOOD between the two Boldra didn’t impress me; seemed like a puppet for Brownback. If you like Brownback I guess thats good, but be careful what you wish for.

  • opinionated

    Anyone who knows Sue Boldra knows what an upstanding person she is. She would not and did not resort to a smear campaign. She is a wonderful woman who truly wants to better the world for everyone and can teach everyone a thing or two. I should know, she was even able to teach me history. I am terrible at history and yet I passed her class with an A, because she has a way to not just educate people but to help people truly understand things. She is awe inspiring and I am proud to say I know Sue Boldra. I hope she goes far in her political dreams and hope to one day vote for her for President of the United States. She will do everything she can to help our state and our country. CONGRATULATIONS MRS. BOLDRA!

  • speed

    Regarding the republican candidates and the negative mailings…..read the article in the Nov. 6 issue of the Hays Daily News!
    I’m not against change, I wish Sue the best of luck in the future. However, the article shows that the Boldra campaign did indeed pay $6200 for the mailings you all are talking about!
    Eber has done a very good job over the years and will be missed. Sue may very well make her way in this position and do a very fine job! Again, I wish her the best.
    The negative mailings from her, Couture-Lovelady, and Ostmeyer all took me by surprise, as we have been very lucky in our area to not have to deal with the mud-slinging that most political races bring.
    Best of luck to all, it’s going to take a lot of hard work to turn this country around! It scares the hell out of me seeing the direction we’ve headed.

  • hmmmm

    I have met Phelps many times when I worked for the school district here in Hays. Yes he has done many good things for our community. I also know Boldra, as she was a teacher and a very god advisor of mine that helped me not only get through some tough times with school, but on a personal level. Sue is a great person, and even though she has big shoes to fill with what Phelps has done, I have no doubt she will fill these shoes. Thank you Eber for all your years of service, and Good Luck Sue!!!


  • opinionated

    Obviously you didn’t read the comments on said article in the Hays Daily. Sue Boldra herself commented on the article.

    Sue Boldra · Licensed Realtor at Bel Air Realty
    I expect honest and well-researched news from such a seasoned reporter. I am so sorry I had such high expectations.
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  • opinionated

    Sue Boldra · Licensed Realtor at Bel Air Realty
    And I did not pay for any of the negative mailers!
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  • opinionated

    Sue Boldra · Licensed Realtor at Bel Air Realty
    This is not true, Mike. I paid $6200 ($3100 apiece) for 2 (TWO) mailers. The first was the pro-education mailer that was sent early, with no mention of my opponent, the second was the pro-life mailer with the baby and my twin granddaughters on the back. Those are the only two that I approved, had any knowledge of, and financed. And neither made any mention of my opponent. The HDN earlier last week had an article about the new finance law provisions, ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court, that allows for PACS, without any consultation with the candidate, to produce ads in favor of or opposition to candidates. The rule is that the candidates MUST NOT know about the production. I DID NOT KNOW!
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  • opinionated

    I’m sorry, but I believe and support someone I have known for half my life before I believe the reporter was able to get the whole truth and write it in a way that it can not be misinterpretted by any readers. It could have been that the money comes out of their campaign funds but that does not mean the candidate has knowledge about every cent that is spent on their behalf. Their job is to get their message out, not to micromanage everything happening in their campaign. That’s what they have volunteers to do.

  • opinionated

    Correction *Misinterpreted

  • Running the Table

    From the sound of many of your comments above, it seems to me that the Democrats are bitter, as the Republicans ran the table this year in the state legislature. Well perk up you got your wish with Obama being put back into office to put our country into more debt. Maybe we can it $6 trillion dollars in debt in the next 4 yrs.

  • chris

    Running the Table, yup your right, now the republicans do run the table in Kansas, completely so when it has large budget problems guess we know who to point the finger at the people who put them in office.

    • R.

      I hope Sue Boldra will take a stand against Gov. Brownbacks “plan” that is going to give Kansas the largest budget shortfall in history. The Western half of the state may not recover from it this time. She needs to be willing to cross party lines.

      Also, Thanks to Eber Phelps for his years of service. At least he won’t have the headache of trying to balance the Kansas budget without much tax revenue coming in and then staying up all night in closing sessions trying to decide who to cut funding to.

      • chris

        Yes I think Boldra will have a rude awakening when she is in the statehouse having to confront the cold hard numbers of the budget. But she seemed too overly supportive of the supply side/tax cut plan that Brownback is pushing during her debate with Eber. I am also thankful for his service and protecting schools and elderly/disabled programs. Hope Boldra will do the same.

    • WELL!!!

      YEA, think about what you are saying smart one. Point the finger at the people who caused the budget issues. Have you checked out the budget now, we are FAR from doing well. I believe it was time for a change. I believe Eber did some good things for us, and I hope Sue can continue to do well or even do better for us. But as far as the budget issues. This is stemming from the top with our great re-elected president. Brace yourselves for a long 4yrs America.

  • chris

    Don’t remember about talking about the presidential election, or talking down to other posters on the website but good job of deflecting the conversation. My point is that Republicans have control of Governors mansion, and a vast majority of senate and house in this state. Any state budget problems, shortages are their responsibility they own it, if they break the economy where would you point the finger. Second Kansas economy is not in that bad of shape, especially out in western Kansas, Brownbacks tax plan isn’t a change that was needed.

  • Mikieee

    I think after this election the term “MIA” takes on another meaning “morons in America”