Hays High Falls to Bishop Carroll 52-27 in 5A Playoffs

The Hays High Indians fell to the Bishop Carroll Eagles by the score of 52-27 Friday night in Wichita, and end their season in the first round of the State Playoffs. The Indians only trailed by 3 at half time, but were outscored 28-6 in the second half. Hays High ends their season with a 7-3 record.

Post Game Interview:



  • WELL!!!

    Congrats to Hays High on a great year. But to put this out there. It seems to me that Coach C. got outcoached AGAIN in the 2nd half. This makes 2yrs in a row in the playoffs that the game was close at halftime, then in the 2nd half the other team makes the adjustments, and Hays High seems to fall behind. This is not a athlete thing, it is a coach thing. We brought him in here to Hays to save the program, eventhough he has made them better, he chokes in the big game, and can pull the trigger to make an adjustment.

    • Show me the money…

      What does he make a year to coach? I thought it was a pretty hefty amount, but don’t recall for certain. I guess my question back to the original poster is “In your opinion, is he earning his salary?”

      • WELL!!!

        NO. (see my post below)

      • same ole same ole

        What is it with some of you constantly bickering about what Coach C makes??? this is getting old. Has he made mistakes, yes, but he CAN”T PLAY THE PLAYERS HAVE TO PLAY, try coaching if it so dam easy.

    • HHS graduate

      I wonder if you have seen the last 2 playoff games last year against one of the best programs in the state over the last 10 years and this year drawing the #1 team all classes. As far as saving the program when was the last time a Hays High team made the state playoffs 2 yrs in a row? What he and the other coaches and players have done over the last couple of years is develop a program that is no longer an afterthought in 5A football.

      • WELL!!!

        I am not sure what he is making, I have heard it is a hefty amount as well. My opinion is NO he is not earning his money. Yes the team has made playoffs the past 2 yrs, and that is awesome. As I said before I believe he has made some strides with putting Hays HIgh on the 5A map. The main thing I have noticed is that he buckles under the presure of the 2nd half of the playoffs. He has done this the past 2yrs. If he is getting paid like the big dog coaches of Hutch, or BC he should be able to coach like them for a whole game, and make the correct adjustments. My opinion he does not make these adjustments in the high presure moments. With my post i am taking nothing away from what these athletes have done over the past couple of years, but I feel that coach C crumbles under the presure of the state playoffs.

        • Reality Check

          If you look it up the football coach position makes 7.85% to 10.47% of the base salary of the “high-base‟ on the standard salary schedule as additional extended duty contract salary. http://www.hays489.k12.ks.us/Documents/MCBA-2011-12.pdf If I read it correctly, then a teacher with a Master of Science in Education and 11 years experience would subsequently take home an additional $470 or so for coaching. I believe that is for the season, not per month of coaching.

  • HHS Mom

    HHS has made back to back appearances in the playoffs, first time in HHS history.

    HHS has won three state track championships, first time in 5A history. Let’s talk about that.

  • ? Always some haters out there

    WELL, I really do not feel your complaints are legit. Of course I am not near as knowledgeable as you must be in football. I would imagine that you have coached your share of big games and won them. HHS gets beat by the number 1 school in 5A and perhaps the state, and they are a private school. The 5A private schools have a big advantage over the public schools. Based on the number of resource students at Hays High, they draw from a smaller population than do the private schools, who can recruit, and cap their enrollment. As for losing to Hutch last year, man, open your eyes. They are a larger school, population wise, and have that rich tradition, that I know HHS would love to achieve. I would suggest this to you, because it would obviously help Hays High, or TMP. Next time there is a coaching vacancy, please apply, and share your wealth of knowledge with them.

  • HHS graduate

    I’m not sure what qualifies as a hefty amount? But if you think coach C is making as much as the “big dogs” across the state you are very naive. It is amazing the strides he is making for the student athletes here in Hays and that the best we can come up with is that he crumbles under pressure. With the amount of support he gets I wonder how long he will stay in Hays. And more important what will replace him and if mediocrity with the football program will once again be okay.

    • Was curious –

      I was curious as to salaries too, so I decided to look it up. According to kansasopengov.org, the HHS coach makes $74,103. In comparison, one of the “big dogs”, Hutch’s coach (Dreiling), makes $74,029. Amazing what one can find in 5 minutes of research. Maybe you should consider doing some research before spouting off next time, HHS graduate……….

    • WELL!!!

      Well there you go look at the post below this. I will stick by my previous post, and say he does not earn his salary. A coach that makes 74,000 + should be able to make the adjustments like the big dog coaches across the state. You people that keep saying it is because we played Hutch, and BC. C’mon I know these are 2 of the best in the state, but you are also saying Coach C is one of the best in the state. So why can he not compete with the best. Both years the games were close at half time, both years the opposing coaches made the adjustment to win, Coach C failed to make the adjustment to win. Once again I am not saying he hasn’t done good things for Hays High, but I do not believe he is worth what he is getting paid. Remember he walked into some pretty good athletes as freshmen and sophomores to coach when he came to Hays High. Also remember that he his getting paid 74,000 + and we are cutting, or not replacing some teachers positions, because of budget. THINK ABOUT IT.

  • Jim

    $74,103.15, just slightly less that a severance package, but more than some of their principals


    for those that want to know.

  • Shut up

    Shut up……the guy has made hhs relevant. The players bought in and each senior who started would have his back. Losing to hutch by 6 or 7 isn’t competing in the second half? head coach of 3 teams compared to randy in hutch. When your sleeping at midnight on sundays he is watching film and showing up at the school at seven the next day. You know everything though, just a few years ago I bet you thought bo black was the $h!t but since hays won 3 out of four against him you now compare him to only coaches he just previously lost to. don’t worry about 3x state champs in track or what he has done for players now and previous players.

    • WELL!!!

      I am tired of everyone on here saying 3x state champ in track. Yes that is awesome, but this is a football topic.

  • http://hayspost.com Sad situation

    The HHS football coach is the highest paid teacher in the USD 489 school district by over $10,000 compared to the next highest paid teacher. Does anyone else think that is crazy? Something just does not feel right about that.

  • wise old owl

    I have been away from Hays for some time and some things will never change. You have found a great young Coach that has given the school so much and still gets called out over nonsense. What teacher went and raised thousands of dollars to build a better classroom for the kids to use? His record speaks for itself and he has done what no one in the state wanted to do and thats coach in Hays.I view this forum and look for results from both schools in town and local sports. Funny thing is that HHS takes the heat year in year out and TMP might have one of the worst teams in the state yet all the talk is about a coach not beating the number one team in the state 2 years in a row? Look at what you had before Coach C and then realize what he is doing with the same type of kids the former coach had. back to back has never been done at HHS and some idiot cries about getting beat, probably someone that never played a sport and has no idea what competing is all about so lets do keep the topic about football, lets just leave it to people who know football . Keep up the Program Coach C

  • Welllllllllll

    Well……..what is your job? Maybe coach c can come do that under zero pressure like you do and then come nameless and faceless and talk crap on You. You’re not happy with WAC champs 3 out of four years? Playoffs back to back years? I wonder if black and foster deal with this at gb and dc. Heck no they don’t because the community bought in unlike hays. You’ll are such a jealous community no wonder everyone thinks hays is a bunch of spoiled brats. Start the bring back blosser fund “well” or heck….go apply yourself because you could obviously beat anyone with your coaching abilities and all the athletes in hays. 13-0 state champs hays high Indians led by coach “well”, cornelsen era soon forgotten as “well” leads team to first state title in history. I can see the article already stud muffin. “Well” makes it look easy with such great adjustments. The only adjustment that this town needs to worry about is its gosh darn attitude and jealousy problems. I honestly hope cornelsen leaves so you can talk about losing seasons again instead of bashing a successful coach with successful teams. Hays doesn’t deserve a guy like cornelsen if they can’t appreciate his teams posting the best winning % in 4 years and making the playoffs for the first time ever BACK 2 BACK. Oh and btw you don’t wanna talk about track because his teams are FLAWLESS having not lost one time in 3 years. Bring randyDreilingtohays.Com so you can complain about your kid getting f bombed…..oh no one replied to the head coach of three team to one comparison…. Welllllll I’d say cornelsen deserves to be paid more than Dreiling because he doesn’t do this http://www.morningsun.net/news/x502299119/Hutch-coach-reprimanded-for-Pitt-State-camp-incident well….your argument is a joke and has no basis. I just want you to coach the team so they can be undefeated baby! You the man or she man!

    • WELL!!!

      Coach C may not do this http://www.morningsun.net/news/x502299119/Hutch-coach-reprimanded-for-Pitt-State-camp-incident. But from what I understand he also informs some of his football/track athletes that if they do and extra non school activity during track season, and not run or miss a track meet, this “may” keep them from playing time in football next year. This is a bunch of crap. These are High School kids, and should not be black mailed to compete in any activity. Of course this is hear say. I do not talk to Coach C. as I do not find him a very personable man to carry a conversation on with.

  • WELL!!!

    Look at some of the numbers of paid teachers in our district. A football coach/Track coach is making more than some of our administration/pricipals. C’mon that is a joke right? Are we trying to educate our kids with academics or just say be an athlete under this high paid coach, becuase he is the best thing that has happened to Hays High in years. I bet this makes the past coaches feel like crap. They worked their butts off for much less pay, and respect and they get fired becuase of the lack of quality wins. As far as Coach C going out and getting money for a better classroom/weight room. He may have came up with the idea, but he did not go out and get the money himself there was a board of people that did a bulk of that work for him. Plus the main donators were a select few families. Plus the school district paid a bulk of this, NOT all donations. I am once again saying Coach C is a respected coach and has done good things for Hays High football, but yet again I do not feel he is earning his paycheck at over $70,000 a year.

  • Well

    Football coach/track coach? Inform me does Mr. Cornelsen not teach in the district anymore?

    • WELL!!!

      Yes I believe he does, but show me where one classroom teacher makes $70,000 + a year. In fact show me where another classroom teacher that coaches makes this much.

      • Ball Man

        CAN’T WE ALL GET ALONG!!!!!

  • http://hayspost.com Sad Situation

    The Median income for the Residents in the City of Hays is around $44,000…….it just sticks for a Football Coach to be making more than the majority of the Taxpayers that support him. He is a good coach and has done a good job with the program and I would feel better about his pay if the other teachers and coachs were making something closer to what he is getting paid. Its just a priorities thing to me!

    • Sad situation

      Sad situation is each facility that the teams practice/play on. Talk about sad…..

  • “Well” I checked

    District Coach Job Salary
    Heights Wheeler Coordinator/coach $76,659.04
    Salina Hall P.E $65,606.99
    Shawnee Mis Callaghan P.E $80,569.13
    Great Bend Black p.e $76,237.80
    Garden City Hill P.E $69,673.85
    Dodge City Foster P.E $82,025.26
    Shawnee Mission Barnett P.E $74,184.21
    Andover Lee P.E $72,186.62
    Wichita South Martin Social Studies $63,418.25
    Hays Cornelsen P.E $74,103.43
    Blue Valley Zegunus Math $62,773.64
    Blue Valley Wright P.E $67,570.90
    Haysville Schartz P.E $73,446.00
    Hutchinson Dreiling P.E $74,029.02
    Olathe Meyers P.E $72,687.65
    Olathe Gourley P.E $84,026.01

    • WELL!!!

      I dont believe anyone said anything about other districts. We strictly said USD 489, and as far as I see there is NO other Hays coaches/teachers on that list.

      • same ole same ole

        you dumazz, an argument is only valid as long as it supports your views?? hahahaha ok move along junior

  • “Well” I checked

    Well? You sure you didn’t compare Coach Cornelsen to the “big dogs”.

  • Name?

    I am not going to say if agree with the salaries or not, or if I feel Coach Cornelsen is the best coach around here or in the state etc…

    But I am going to say GREAT Season Hays High Football. It does suck the way the state brackets fell the past 2 yrs, having to play the eventual state champs last year, and more than likely this year as well first round. Keep your heads up and move on to bigger and better things with your academics, and possibly athletics.
    Oh and I am going to sign my name, since nobody else has.

    Lance Geyer

    • http://hayspost Arthur Doyle

      Great post Lance. Big thumbs up.

  • passin threw

    if the AD at fort hays had a lick of sense in his head he’d snatch him away from hays high and put him to work turning that sad excuse of a program around….i don’t know cornelson but to see the strides he’s made in that program in such a short time it’s quite obvious that he has a talent for what he’s doing.

    • same ole same ole

      I can certainly see your point but FHSU has a pretty good young coach and cord., don’t give up on FHSU I think you will see some great strides in the years to come but it will take time. Those “Big Dogs” in the MIAA are pretty good and Coach Brown has alot of building to do to compete but I believe he is the right man for the job.

  • Rick Weigel

    Until Well!!! grows a pair and submits his name it is easy to rant and rave on. Congratulations Hays High on another year of succesful football. I’m sure there are several districts in the area who wishes they had this staff. “Well” do you know Coach’s Dad was an assistant this year. He won four state titles at Liberal but obviously he doesn’t know football either since Hays got “outcoached” this year in the playoffs once again. Maybe it had more to do with playing Hutch who was the state champ last year and BC who probably has a great chance of being state champs this year more than making half time adjustments. Talk to your administrators over there and see how they feel about Coach C. He is the head coach of 3 sports. What do head coaches make in Hays. $5-7,000. per sport I’m guessing. So $53,000-$59,000. for teaching and the rest coaching. Does he get paid the same for being head coach of track and football? If so he is underpaid in track obviously. I’m just an outsider looking in and laughing at how ridiculous some posts are.

    • Reality Check

      NO, they do not make 5-7,000 per sport. They make 7.85% to 10.47% of the base salary of the “high-base‟ on the standard salary schedule as additional extended duty contract salary. In other words, if they’ve been here several years and have a Master’s degree+, they may make up to $700 per sport. Max. Check the contract, it’s public information and it’s available online.

    • not with stupid

      Actually you are close, RC want’s to quote what is found on the internet but he does coach 3 sports I believe, football, boys track and girls track. The boys and Girls track teams are not considered the same and are 2 different sports I believe, I may be wrong on this but I think it is correct.

  • Kansas Native

    Yes, Ryan is a good football and track coach (regardless of what Well!!! wants to think) but more importantly, he is a good teacher that makes a difference in the lives of the kids he teaches / mentors everyday. Taking shots at good people anonymously is one of the most CS things a person can do. I hope HHS can keep Ryan for many years to come. I also hope that Eagle Communications will soon require names to be posted before defaming comments are published here.

  • Unbelievable

    This whole entire debate is pointless. Get back to work…oh wait…this is Hays and most of you all about the sports don’t know what work is. Our country is falling down around us, kids in Hays are going hungry and having to walk 2-5 miles to school and home each day because their parents work 50 hrs a week to make you all rich and comfy in your over priced homes and all you care about is HHS football?? Get a freakin life. Cornelson is a bully and all coaches are paid way too much. When our military is paid better for their life sacrifices then I will consider giving high school football some credit. Its not live or die and its certainly not going to get them into Heaven any easier over someone who gives their life for others.

    • lol

      Really you need to take a step back and breath, if you don’t like the discussion LEAVE, it’s not hard, go pray or something