KKQY Jason Boland Singers Ticket Giveaway

Jason Boland and The Stragglers with Special Guest Opener, John Goolsby & Shootin’ Blanks, will be live in concert at Singers in Downtown Hays, Wednesday, October 17th & Y102 has tickets!!

Be the first to comment with your email address and a pair of tickets is yours!

  • Gina Renz

    Reply – would love to go! Husband and I need a night out!

    • Carly Evans

      Great Gina, but I need your email address!

  • Tori Clark

    I would love to go see them!

  • Carly Evans

    Ok great! Someone Reply with your email address!

  • Judy

    I would love to go!!


    • Carly Evans

      Thanks Judy!! Congrats, I’ll send you an email on how you can claim your tickets!!

      • Judy

        AWESOME!! Thank You!!