Prairie Band Casino & Resort’s Way Back Wednesday-Post Your Comments Here

Post your memories about the Hays community that no longer exists here for your chance to when with Way Back Wednesday. Each Wednesday, we’ll choose one of your comments to read on-air. If yours gets read, you get Prairie Cash and a certificate for dinner at the steak house at Prairie Band Casino & Resort.

  • Jane Zeman

    When I attended Kennedy Middle School back when….Our parents would drop us off at the back of the school and we would wait on our friends to be dropped off and we would all walk down to Mamals Groceries Store on Main Street to buy candy and seeds before classes started. Mammals was a great mom and pop grocerie store back then…I belevie it is now where Meckenstock is now.

  • Amber Weigel

    The roller skating rink! Had a few birthday parties there… was definitely sad when it closed. I wish Hays still had one so I could take my two boys there to learn how to skate the “old school” way! The NRCS office is now where the rink use to be located.

  • Donna E.

    Riding the penny horse at the Boogarts grocery store while “mom got groceries”. Boogarts was located at 24th & Vine – now the Nex-Tech office.

  • ELE

    The cutie burger at 7 & main.

  • Janet

    I remember the swimming pool that used to be at Massey Playground on 17th & Allen. It had 2 separate pools – one for the ‘big’ kids that couldn’t have been 5 foot deep. And one that was probably less than 2 foot deep. Those were the days! Spending the entire day at the pool and feeling SO GROWN UP when I finally learned how to swim in the ‘big’ pool!

  • Amy

    The Teabox and pink cadillac

  • Laura

    Our little town of Esbon lost it’s remaining school a few years ago. We had consolidated with a little school 7 miles away. But in time all 3 (high school 1st, then both grade school and jr. high) were relocated in a neighboring town 15 miles away. It’s sad to see all the playground equipment there but no recess or class bells ringing.

  • Ashley

    I can remember when I was little girl my grandpa used to run the gas station where Walgreen’s is now and one he got off work we would go to Alco which is where Ashley Furniture is now to see my Aunt. Hays was so much smaller back than and than there was nothing north of interstate 70 that I remember

  • Jennifer

    I took swimming lessons at the pool near/in Sunrise park that is now just a grassy area. I used to get to play at the park (which is still there) after lessons and then walk to grandma’s house.

  • D. Erickson

    Pickle-O’s at Sonic on 8th Street (fried pickles, Sonic used to be located where Auto World is now)

  • Janice P.

    Duckwalls downtown, where Tri Central is now located

  • C. Anderson

    Kickin’ it at The Wagon Wheel. Remember walking down the breezeway to where T-Bone’s is now located. Played many a game of pool there. Then off to The Golden Ox for that post-party breakfast.

  • Christy

    Sonic on 8th street and KMART where Orscheln’s is now.

  • Brenda Jennings

    I so remember the Stardust Skate Center and miss it! Had lots of fun there!

  • http://hayspost DAWN KARLE

    i miss the pink cadillac on vine street

  • Dee

    Gibson’s discount store (used to be located in the Centennial Mall at the North end and in the Stromgren’s building on Main, across from the Ellis County Health Department Office)

  • J.P.

    K-Mart located where Orschlen’s is now.