Dad: Nebraska School Officials Want Deaf Boy To Change Sign Name

School officials in Nebraska are concerned about how a young boy signs his name.

Hunter Spanjer is a 3-year-old deaf preschooler in Grand Island, Nebraska and School officials have complained that the deaf boy’s sign name – “Hunter” – resembles a gun. They want him to change the sign for his name, because his sign language name could be confused for a gun by other children.

Hunter’s father, Brian Spanjer, says, “He’s deaf, and his sign name, they say, is a violation of their weapons policy.

Grand Island Public Schools have since said that they are not requiring any current student with a hearing impairment to change his or her sign language name.

  • mary zutterman

    This is about the most preposterous thing I’ve heard yet! Of all the things we have to worry about…they can’t do any better than that. This poor child can’t hear, and this is what they worry about, how he signs languages his name…pathetic!

  • A

    A 3 year old…really. People are so ignorant. I agree with mary. Pathetic!

  • Hays Resident

    Seriously… Whoever voted Yes on this poll might just be AS pathetic as the NE school board itself!

    This is a child’s name… If that were my child I would be furious! A name is a name… no matter if it is said or signed.

  • Mandy

    There are holes to this story. The sign is translated as gun, guns, I’m shooting at something, etc. Also was his name consulted in the deaf community by native signers? Did the person giving the name suggest an alternate sign name with the same English translation? “to seek for something” instead of “shoot at something”? Do you want your child to be on the receiving end of bullying “I’m shootIng you” who then tells the teacher that he was just teaching your kid his name sign? Do these parents want their kid to be on the receiving end of bullying when a kid tells him “I’m shooting you” but when caught says “I’m just using his name”? Shouldn’t a rules regarding such signs and gestures for hearing kids also apply to him? Do 3 year olds get taught its not ok to use the middle finger wether deaf or hearing?

  • http://yahoo Vicki

    Sometimes, these zero tolerance policies seem to omit common sense. The schools are so worried about being sued that they go to ridiculous extremes.