Kansas Lawmakers Knock DA’s Probe of Governor’s Meetings

Two Kansas House Republicans see a Democratic district attorney’s investigation as political after being subpoenaed over private dinner meetings lawmakers had with GOP Gov. Sam Brownback.

Reps. Steve Brunk of Bel Aire and Virgil Peck of Tyro were among seven GOP legislators to receive subpoenas last month from Shawnee County District Attorney Chad Taylor.

Taylor is investigating potential open meetings violations during seven dinners in January at Cedar Crest, the governor’s official residence. Brownback invited more than 90 lawmakers.

Brunk and Peck came in for interviews last week. Sen. Bob Marshall of Fort Scott and Rep. Anthony Brown of Eudora were to appear for questioning Thursday.

Peck called the investigation a witch hunt Wednesday. Brunk said Taylor’s staff seemed to be looking for what he called a gotcha moment.

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    when you have 7 ? secret dinner partrys and only invite republicans and the hired help at cedar crest, claim that the meetings where breaking open meetings ,then this is more than a witch hunt. rumur has it that the koch brothers were their handing out the bonus checks, for voting at cutting the koch brothers tax rates. the republican middle class keeps voteing in people that only care abount the billionares and their bonus checks from them