Letter To The Post: NWKTC Disables Mother of 3 Chance To Win at Skills USA?

My name is Sarah Barela and in the school year of 2011-2012, I attended NWKTC in the Medical Assistant Course. Getting high grades in most of my classes. During my time at the school, I joined Skills USA organization to become more hands-on in the medical field; I also was the Historian for the year. All of this was a great honor, to serve my follow students and be part of a group that did not disqualify me due to my injuries to my feet, in fact I had a lot of support and with that I was encouraged to compete on state level for public speaking. I won a gold medal and a chance to compete for Goodland and Kansas in a national level. I was going through Vocational Rehab to help with schooling costs. I was accepted in Voc. Rehab in Oct 2011 and my plan was signed May 2012. This means I owe a balance to the school of $2,300 and if Voc. Rehab does not pay I plan to without thinking twice about it, because it is the right thing to do. I also was to walk in a graduation ceremony last month but chose not to because I did not earn my associate degree due to me failing my math class.

I had planned to take a summer course for that but the school refused to allow me due to the balance, I am currently working on my internship at Goodland hospital. I received an email from Diana Stiles saying that I could no longer go at the end of June to Skills USA National competitions due to poor standing at NWKTC.

The chance to win this competition would possibly provide scholarship money to further my ambition to become an RN and an RD. I am 35-years-old with the inability to walk without pain unless I am taking pain medications and wearing braces. I will be having corrective surgery at the end of July and will have many months of painful recovery, but I will overcome this as I always have.

I want the readers to know I am not writing this letting in sour grapes to get my chance to compete and win in the challenge, but the school has denied me my future and a chance to sink or swim in public speaking. I have provided Kevin the editor of the newspaper with all the emails to provide proof of the schools actions and hoping with enough public support to get the chance to compete and will win for Kansas, Goodland and most of all myself.

Yours respectfully,

Sarah Barela

  • Lacy

    Sounds like your lack of funding denied you the chance.