Who Pays for Dinner? The Joan Jerkovich Show

It was a casual invitation to dinner but she wanted more.  She wanted to at least feel that she was being courted, but when the check arrived the dance of “who’s going to pay for dinner?” ensued. Being a progressive young career woman, Lauren offered to split the check.  Her dinner date happily agreed.  There have been more dinner dates over the past month with the all-too-familiar dance of “who’s going to pay”.  Sometimes they split the check; at other times they take turns paying.

When I asked Lauren if her girlfriends help pay for their dates she explained how they all seem to approach this dilemma differently.  Some expect the guy to pay for all the first dates until they are officially a couple.  Others, like her, don’t have problems taking turns paying.

What do you think?  Who do you think should pay for dates?

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