Midwest Energy Performing Leak Checks

Midwest Energy’s “Annual Yard Line Natural Gas Leak Survey” is underway in Hays.

Midwest Energy and Southern Cross crews will be surveying all the lines in the city served with natural gas for the next few weeks.  Several rural lines will also be checked.

Homeowners are asked to keep their dogs leashed and their yards accessible for the surveyors.

According to Bob Helm, Manager of Corporate Communications, “The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires that all lines be surveyed for leaks every three years.  Midwest Energy has chosen to survey yard lines every year throughout the system.”

Helm says the areas checked in Hays last year are in really good shape, with few leaks, and those leaks found were very small.

Leaks are classified in several different categories.  Those that need immediate attention, if found, are repaired immediately.  Other leaks are repaired as necessary.