Drug Testing For Kansas Welfare Recipients Proposed

A group of Kansas lawmakers have proposed a bill that would require a third of Kansas welfare recipients to pay to be tested for drugs.

Under the proposal, the state will refund the cost of the tests to anyone who tests negative for drugs. Someone who tested positive would have to undergo a drug evaluation and possibly be required to attend an education or treatment program.

A second positive test would require the person to attend an education or treatment program and remove him or her from welfare for a year. A third positive test would cause permanent removal from welfare.

The Kansas City Star reports a household that includes someone who is banned from the program would have to get aid from a state-approved third party.

  • Wow!

    It’s about time.. this should’ve been done a long time ago!

  • ms

    Great idea!…but I think a first positive drug test should result in permanent removal from welfare.

  • Tamra

    Yeah!!!! Finally we are getting smart about some things. Unbelieveable, about time!!!

  • chris

    its good but meth is a 3 day drug or less unlike pot it dont build up in fat cells oh yea tweekers dont have fat cells lol. but on the real its a good way to see whos doin what

  • Ed Brown

    This is crap legislation it isn’t working in Florida and it won’t work here it will only cost the tax payers money for a very few that engage in this kind of activaty. If you really want to do something to stop people receving taxpayer funding you should first have all the elected officals take the drug test first.

  • hmm….

    Why just a third? It should be all of them!

  • Which is cheaper?

    Of course, we must incur MORE for these deadbeats before we take away what we are already giving them. Where do you think the funds for the evaluations, education, and treatment programs are coming from? We can’t afford to educate our children, but why not educate the welfare druggies? Better to just keep feeding them. It’ll be cheaper.