Hays Skycam

Welcome to the Hays Skycam. This camera gives a LIVE STREAMING, 360 degree view of the entire area.

This high-tech camera has full-range pan, tilt and zoom capabilities.

While the camera allows us to cover breaking news events within view, its main purpose will be to serve as a safety tool when severe/winter weather rolls into the Hays area.



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  • Observer

    this is awesome!!!!

  • Frank

    The first time I viewed this, it appeared the camera was near 8th and Main. Now it’s close to 13th and Vine. What’s up with that? I do like the camera though.


    it rotates

  • Tyler

    how do you move the camera

  • rusty fuzzell

    how do i get to my basketball braket!! this is a friggin joke!!

  • Bill

    No, this is a bad idea!! The camera is a good idea, but needs to be pointed higher. If I lived in a house such as the one I can see S.W. of the post office. I would not what I was doing in the front yard, or who came and went from my house broadcast!

    • haha

      I am sitting on a $5,000 dollar computer with the fastest internet in town and there is no way that you could see what was going on in peoples yard. If there is a party going on at a house you may be able to see a group of people.

      Please note I am not trying to start an argument or call you ignorant. I am simply stating that this should not be an issue and that the camera is fine as it sits. In fact, I think that it is pretty cool that you are concerned for the people of that area, that may not even be aware of the camera. Just one of the reasons I like living in Hays.

      I used this camera yesterday during the storms and when my family asked what the weather was doing I was able to show them rather than just tell them about it. This is a good idea Eagle.

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  • http://chickensoupforthesoul Lorraine Ross

    we really enjoy the songs on the radio hope they will play some real old songs
    Thank you

  • inkslinger

    people like “bill” is the reason we dont have street view on Google earth here in Hays

  • Hmmmm…

    Does this thing work?

  • inkslinger

    is it broken , havent been able to use it for about 2 weeks

  • inkslinger

    still broken?