Ellis County Jail Booking Activity – Wednesday

Recent Booking Activity for Ellis County Jail.
All persons included in this post are innocent of crimes until proven guilty in a court of law. Courtesy Photos.


This information is not criminal history. All individuals included in this post are innocent of crimes until proven guilty in a court of law. Hays Post assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, or completeness, of this information. Any person who believes information provided is not accurate may submit a complaint to admin@hayspost.com

  • disappointed….

    This bothers me. Why is this “news”. If your loved one of friend has been booked into jail you are probably aware of it but if these people are strangers to you this is just food for the gossip queens of Hays Kansas. This type of ‘news’ is why I stopped reading the HDN.

    • 1843

      It may not be news but it’s nice to know who is arrested so you can keep your family safe and away from those who break the law. I also think this site provides a little incentive to not get into legal trouble.

  • yepyep

    Hey I agree. This is pretty awesome. Now we actually know where some of our tax dollars are going. I like transparency. Thanks Hays Post!

  • Leo Balthazar

    8 months ago the Ellis County Sheriffs Department denied this exact information here to the 5150 project in a FOIA request. Strange. Cant not mention the fact that the Sheriff is now featured in another article refusing to talk about about issues that could get the County sued. And the Undersheriff stating that Officers have to radio in to see if the jail is full before they arrest someone. THATS UNACCEPTABLE its not to late to arrest someone that broke the law just because an Officer broke the law and failed to uphold his duties and not arrest someone. Just need the name of the officers and then names of the people who got off scott free to this point. Come on Sheriff its your Department which officers let people go and what were the names of the people they let go. And bye the way If I new of something so wrong or illegal going on in the jail I run that the county could be sued for it, not talking about it will not make it go away. If you dont expose the problems and try to fix them instead your not talking about them keeping them secret your complisate and are allowing them to continue

  • joe smith

    Nothing else seems to work, so maybe having their face on here will keep some of these people from doing things that get them arrested. I would doubt that anyone whose picture is on here did not know they were doing something that was against the law, and could get them arrested.