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  • Sue

    Would like to hear Alice Cooper’s newest release – Bite your Face off.

  • http://3@3 Bev Campbell

    Theme: Around

  • Mark Nansel

    Theme of 3 at 3 for 14 Feb 13: “One”

  • Julie

    Happy Birthday JoAnn on Friday March 8th

    From your Big Sis

  • Awesome

    Three for 3 on Tuesday April 9 is “Fly” my e-mail is kbuxx70@yahoo.com to get ahold of me

  • Awesome

    The customer contact form does not show up to give a guess which is why I posted in the comments section ^

  • Richard

    “Select what you’re registering for from the menu”…..where is this “menu” ??? It does not appear anywhere on this page???

  • Rhonda

    I also am wondering where the menu is? I make a request once in awhile and use this format due to work schedule. I am hoping you get this for Thursday, May 23 – I would like to hear Alice Cooper “It’s Me” and if that is not available Candlebox – “Far Away” If you could send it out to Paul at Meridy’s that would be even better!