• Janelle Morel

    Good Afternoon,

    I have enjoyed listening to Mix 103 for years. My position recently relocated to Norton KS and I was glad to find the live stream so I could continue to listen during the day. I wonder if you have received other posts regarding how much the stream cuts out or disconnects since the site now operates through Hays Post? Prior to the relocation I could open the live stream and would only need to reconnect 1-3 times per day. In the last few days it is 1-3 times per hour. If there is something I am missing on my end, please let me know. I enjoy the station and am happy to hear the Hays news as I have two FHSU students. Keep up the good work.

    • Todd Haskell

      Thank you, Janelle. We will look into all possible problems and remedies on our end. If you have any more questions or suggestions please contact us any time. Have a great weekend!

  • Alexus

    Can you take requests? Little Mix is starting to become popular on the USA. They’re the only group ecret to have won x factor. I was wondering if you could play their single “Wings.” It would be amazing. Thank you!

  • http://Mix103 Lisa

    I’ve always enjoyed the 80’s Lunch Hour on 103.3, but now they only play one 80’s song. We listen to the Country Bull in the mornings at work, then we USED TO change it to Mix 103 at noon for the 80’s Lunch Hour and listened to that in the afternoon, but now the songs that are being played sound like thumping dance music. Don’t we already have that with 104.7 (unfortunately!)? We don’t need another rap station! Another girl at work listens to 103.3 all day and said she hears the same songs 2 or 3 times in a day. What happened to the “no repeat work day???” She’s listening to 106.9 now instead.

    Can you please consider bringing back the 80’s Lunch Hour and playing less rap crap? Thank you!

  • Mary

    I listen to Mix 103 every morning for the School News and Lunches, but it doesn’t appear you are doing this any longer. I am very disappointed this information isn’t being aired. Any chance you will reconsider? Is there any other station that is broadcasting this information?

  • Tracy

    The band Black Lab has a new album out ‘A Raven Has My Heart’ do you accept press kits or electronic press kits?