Eagle Radio Bud Light Cruise Winner Announced

All during the summer, people throughout North Central Kansas got registered to win a free cruise courtesy of Western Beverage and Eagle Radio.  In the end, there could be only one winner and that is Sandy Keas from Plainville.

55 total finalists were selected throughout the summer and the event culminated Friday night at Victoria’s Herzogfest with 44 of the finalists present. After reducing the 44 finalists to 20, Herzogfest feature entertainer and Budweiser performing artist, Candy Coburn, helped eliminate the last 19 finalists one-by-one until Sandy Keas was the last name in the drawing bucket.

The cruise will take Sandy and her husband on a cruise from Miami to the Bahamas and through the Caribbean this fall.  One stop includes a concert on a private island.  Sandy will join winners throughout the nation aboard the two Bud Light Party Ships that set sail each year.